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How it works

Thinkful classes are all online. Students learn at their own pace, and can access the course material from anywhere in the world. We provide curated content to structure your learning, and mentorship to support it.

Time Commitment

Students dedicate an average of 10 to 12 hours per week to Thinkful coursework. The majority of our students take Thinkful classes while working full-time.

Thinkful Community

At Thinkful, students join a network of other developers-in-training. We have a discussion board for students to ask questions, share projects, and network with other coders.


Thinkful mentors coach students in weekly one-on-one sessions and daily office hours. Students can always ask their mentor for feedback and support via the community discussion board.

Skill Groups

Students are placed in groups with other students learning the same subject. Students advance groups, or levels, based on personal progress. With skill grouping, no one at Thinkful ever feels like they’re falling behind.

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