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Benefits of Mentorship

Jason Humphrey

I mentor because I enjoy working with students who want to learn and grow. The experiences I have help me become a better teacher, stronger mentor, and more confident developer.

Jason Humphrey, Thinkful mentor since 2015
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Open mentorship roles

1-on-1 Mentor for Flexible Web Development Bootcamp

Transform aspiring developers into self-sufficient programmers capable of advancing their careers for years to come by sharing your professional and technical knowledge during 1:1 online meetings.

Students learn front-end basics, then Node.js and then React and Redux. Bootcamp Mentors can mentor one or all of these technologies. So select the ones you’re interested in mentoring!


  • Able to meet 3x a week for one-hour long sessions
  • Advanced understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery
  • Advanced understanding of Node.js and/or React & Redux
  • 3+ years professional software engineering experience as web developer

Teaching Assistant for the Full Time Web Development Bootcamp

Help students learn to think like an engineer as they work in pairs to apply recently learned concepts to new challenges and projects.


  • Available: 3+ weekdays, every week, from 1:30 p.m. ET To 5:30 p.m. ET
  • Advanced understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery., Node.js and React and Redux

1-on-1 Mentor for Flexible Data Science Bootcamp

Help motivated learners get to those aha! moments. Mentor on everything from the basics of analytics to building specialized machine learning models in your student’s domain of choice.


  • Able to meet 3x a week for one-hour long sessions
  • Professional experience as a Data scientist utilizing modern day tools and methodologies, as well as proficiency in Python and mathematical concepts relevant to data science such as statistics, probability, and linear algebra.

Career Coach

Manage a pipeline of graduates from our bootcamp programs and work with each one individually to ensure that they’re putting their best foot forward. From when they create their resume to when they sign their offer letter, you’ll be there to provide assistance and guidance. This will consist of weekly 1-on-1 virtual sessions as well as communication via Slack and email.


  • Resume writing and career coaching background
  • Knowledge of hiring trends in tech space, especially in San Francisco, L.A. and D.C.
  • Human resources or technical recruiting experience is a plus
  • Rolodex of tech contacts is a huge plus

Becoming a Thinkful mentor

Use this application to apply to be a mentor at Thinkful. Upon recieving your applciation we will work with you to find the mentorship position that is the best fit based on your experience and skill set.