Numerous Thinkful graduates go on to prestigious data science jobs, or become web developers with top companies. Sometimes, these new career opportunities come with the benefit - or headache (depending on your perspective) - of working from home. If your remote work style involves popping out to a coffee shop or co-working space, you’ve probably learned to pack light: just a laptop and your wallet.

However, if you like the privacy of working in a home office, you might want to take steps to keep this space organized and ergonomic. Our Thinkful team members have been there and done that. Rod Danan, one of our data science mentors, advises that, overall, it’s best to invest money in high quality home office equipment: “Buy professional tools so you perform like a professional.”

Here are some of our tips to try for home office optimization:

  1. Alethia Halbig is our digital marketing Jedi. She recommends ladder desks as a way to store stuff vertically. This is terrific if you’re optimizing a small floor plan.
  2. Thinkful mentor Nick Cooley recommends cord management saying he’s got “(h)ubs and cable covers galore in (his) home office!” Nick also says consolidating computer input cables into a single USB-C is extremely helpful.
  3. Some people have a tendency to slouch when sitting at a desk. Resident data science expert Tiago Fassoni has three words for you: “Ergonomy. Ergonomy. Ergonomy.” Tiago recommends keeping your computer monitor at eye level, especially if you’re working long hours. Thinkful’s Local Operations Manager Tina Singe avoids bad posture with a standing desk...which also affords her the opportunity to dance while she’s working.
  4. Speaking of ergonomics, Career Coach Jennifer Best likes to use a split keyboard and vertical mouse in her home office. “Total life changing experience for me because I used to have tons of wrist pain,” she explains.
  5. Course instructor Al Zimmerman says that high quality home office lighting is really important, especially if you’ll be doing video conference calls. Good lighting is also crucial to good vision in the long run.

Needless to say, our Thinkful team has turned working remote into a fine art. Want to join our team? We’re hiring. Check out our Careers page for more information. We’re also training future data scientists and web developers. Learn more about our programs and how you can land a great job in tech - guaranteed.

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