When you think about jobs in tech, do you envision software gadgets and gizmos you can barely pronounce? If you ponder about tech jobs and what industries have open positions, do dimly lit rooms or long hallways with clunky computer systems come to mind? Don’t worry, the tech field is much more expansive than you think.

Fortunately, there’s a vast amount of companies and industries you could join, because the future of almost every industry relies heavily on the need for skilled tech professionals across the spectrum. After researching the endless possibilities for a new career in tech, you’ll start to learn there’s no one size fits all approach to learning a technical skill and applying it to your career. The top paying industries for tech workers include:

Many of the tech roles that rank for job satisfaction check boxes in the areas of salary, employment rate, growth potential and more. Glassdoor’s 2018 research shows that the following tech job roles are among the 10 highest paying tech jobs:

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects there to be about 1.3 million IT job openings by 2026. Compare that to an estimated 400,000 computer science grads plus 20,000 coding bootcamp grads per year and you have a skills gap, friends. With the very real need for tech professionals, education programs – like Thinkful – tailored to meet industry needs, and packed with expert mentorship and career support are invaluable pathways to fulfilling careers in tech.

1. Transportation

Transportation/travel is an industry that will never cease to evolve with tech innovation. From increased artificial intelligence for self driving cars, to enhanced software systems on planes to make them safer, the transportation industry has a great need for tech workers. Possible job titles include software engineer, logistics engineer, supply chain engineer, and data scientist.

2. Education

With committed people focused on fixing the educational system through new surges of products, including education technology, we’re seeing a growing need for tech workers in this space. Possible job titles include technical implementation analyst, web developer, and information systems analyst.

3. Healthcare

As new research is conducted and new cures are found, technology is at the helm of medical advancements. We need skilled and passionate tech professionals ready to work on matters of the heart – literally. Possible job titles include clinical informatics manager, interface developer, and business analyst.

4. Retail

As more brands move away from brick and mortar shops, we’re seeing a rise in e-commerce. And for the shops that still remain, more interactive digital experiences await for loyal customers. The retail industry needs tech workers to make all that happen. Possible job titles include customer analytics manager, mobile experience manager, and data scientist.

5. Media & Entertainment

There’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes of your favorite TV show. For media and entertainment, “new trends and technologies drive innovation, disruption, and opportunities for growth,” according to Deloitte’s 2019 industry outlook. With the launch of the 5G network, expect to see disruption in this industry. Possible job titles include web developer, app developer, audiovisual engineer, and data analyst.

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