When it comes to coding bootcamps, financing options are limited compared to other educational institutions. Unfortunately, most coding bootcamps can’t accept the FAFSA or other federal loans. Thinkful wants to become more accessible to those who are looking to change or progress their careers. Because of this, Thinkful has partnered with Skills Fund to offer more affordable financing options:

Interest-only Monthly Payments:

Interest-only payments on your loan allows you to have the lowest monthly payments by only paying the interest for a certain amount of time and then your payments would increase to a fixed amount afterwards. The idea behind this payment plan is that your monthly payments are low while you are in the program and then the payments would increase around the time you would graduate and receive full-time employment within your field.

Immediate Monthly Repayments:

Immediate monthly payments would allow you to pay off your loan as you go through the program. The payments would begin on the second month of your program.

Month to Month Payments:

Month to month payments let you pay as you go. You will only pay the monthly payments during your time in the course.

Income Share Agreements - No Tuition Until You’re Hired:

We offer income share agreements (ISA) for our Engineering Immersion and Engineering Nights & Weekends programs. If you choose an ISA, you won’t make payments until you are earning an income above $40,000/year. You will repay your tuition with 15% of your income for three years or until you have paid back $28,000 in total.


Currently, we offer scholarships to self-identifying women and US military members both active and discharged. This includes a $600 scholarship for our Engineering Flex, Data Science, Data Analytics, and Product Design programs and a $1,200 scholarship for our Engineering Immersion and Engineering Nights & Weekends programs.

A refundable deposit is required with any payment plan. However, with the exception of an income shared agreement, you can change your payment plan at any time.

Is Thinkful worth the investment?

Our programs are backed by a tuition refund guarantee. If you don’t get a job in your field after graduation, we’ll give you your money back. If that’s not enough, our student outcomes are pretty impressive. The median annual income for our Full-time Web Development graduates is $70,000 and $63,000 for our Flexible Web Development graduates. Over 80% of our graduates have found full-time employment in their fields within six months of graduating.

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