Thinkful Full Stack Flex graduate Sarah Ann Garcia is made of tough stuff. She’s one of eight kids, a self-described “data dork,” and — according to Thinkful Mentor Ray Smith — “a very hard-working person and very disciplined to her craft.”

Her dedication to learning and perfecting new skills has been evident throughout her life, whether she was:


“If I just boil engineering down, it’s problem-solving,” Sarah Ann explains of her first career. “That’s just what web development is. You learn the tools you need to solve a problem.” You could say the same of her approach to everything she does: first identify the problem, and then solve it.

Sarah Ann’s advice to Thinkful students and grads on the job hunt: Always be real and always be ready to learn more.

That determination and transparency is what got her through Full Stack Flex, and then through months of job searching and interviews and cover letter revisions and rejections...until she found the right fit and is now happier at work than ever before.

Becoming a web developer has freed Sarah Ann to take on the kinds of activities she loves in her spare time. If she’s not coding or mastering Aurelia or rendering frameworks with Meteor, she’s growing 8-pound sweet potatoes in her garden or dissecting her lawnmower. (Did we mention she also plays baritone ukulele?)

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