Borrowing the concept from Reddit, Thinkful hosts regular AMA’s (Ask Me Anything) in its community where we bring in a special guest to answer questions for current students (along with mentors and employees). It’s a great way to get expert perspectives on topics and we save them so future students can learn from them.

A few days ago, Thinkful alumn Tracy Huynh shared how she scored her first full-time job as a Software Developer. Below you’ll find the exact transcript from our community (we simply hid students name for privacy reasons). We also added a little gold coin next to the best advice.


About Tracy:

She holds an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering, is a Thinkful Front End Development Alumni, and currently works at Metric Collective. Metric Collective is a technology holding company of 10 people and she is the second full-time developer on the team. Before this, Tracy had a fellowship with a non-profit that provides business and technology solutions for artists.

Links mentioned:

Click on the picture below to view the AMA. You can also download this as a PDF.


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