Education doesn’t end when you land your first job. Adults today switch jobs every five years and constantly need new skills. But traditional higher education options, like graduate school, require debt, changing cities, and job suspension. We’re building a better solution. And today we’re proud to announce new partners — and funding — to help us in that mission.

We’re succeeding because of a simple idea: relationships drive learning. While most online education providers rely on lonely video learning, we’ve always paired every student with a personal mentor to build a one-on-one relationship.

Our community has now grown to include more than 250 mentors and 3,000 students, and we’re excited to welcome Ann Miura-Ko from Floodgate to the family.  Ann has worked with TaskRabbit and Lyft, deeply understands our network of mentors, and knows how to create a movement of people committed to a singular mission.

With Floodgate’s support, it’s time to channel our energy and attention into what matters most: student outcomes. By encouraging students to share their career aspirations, we’ve learned exactly what they want. They want a job they love. They want to work hard but spend more time with their families as a freelancer. They want to get a promotion. They want to start their own company. We’re ready to help them get there.

Today, we’re launching career services for students in every course. This new program provides interview prep, resume building, and portfolio review. We’re also releasing a new course called “Become a Freelancer” dedicated to helping students find their first clients. And it’s only January. Get ready for what’s next.

None of this would be possible without the guidance and feedback of every student and mentor in the Thinkful community. Building accessible high-quality education for adults isn’t easy. Together we can.

— Team Thinkful


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