We started Thinkful to provide mentorship to engineers and aspiring engineers learning new skills. With tens of millions of people learning online, we were baffled that every option forced students to learn alone – which just isn’t how great learning happens. We’ve been successful in our own careers because of the people who helped us get here, and we wanted to provides others with the same opportunity. Working with a mentor motivates people to set ambitious goals, overcome roadblocks faster, and stick to a study schedule even when life gets in the way (as it often does for adult students).

In the last 3 years, we’ve focused on just the type of program that we can do best as an online school: part-time courses focused on one skill. But our way isn’t the only way to learn – as we’ve focused on growing the largest network of engineering mentors, an entire industry of “bootcamps” has emerged offering full-time courses that prepare aspiring engineers for their first job. We’ve met many of these schools, and have worked with some by offering programs to prepare their new students or by helping graduates continue to learn new skills as they enter the job market.

When we first met the Iron Yard team last year, we were impressed by their singular focus on their immersive programs. Many bootcamps offer a laundry list of part-time courses and workshops; Iron Yard exclusively offers immersive programs focused on job-readiness. That focus has allowed them to maintain the quality of their programs while expanding to serve 14 cities across the country.

After spending more time with their team, we found an opportunity to combine our efforts: our part-time courses fill a hole to help them better prepare prospective students. Together we designed a program to give interested students confidence that programming is the right career for them and prepare students to be at the top of their class if they do choose to join an immersive program afterwards. The part-time class combines the best of what we each offer: students have 24/7 access to the project-based curriculum, work in weekly one-on-one sessions with a remote Thinkful mentor, and join in-person office hours with Iron Yard mentors and peers. We’re launching in Durham and Tampa on June 1.

Here’s a recap of the program:

Enrollment for Intro to Front End Engineering is open – you can learn more on our website and sign up today.

We are planning to add additional subjects and cities in the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye out for announcements. If you want to see our Intro Courses offered in your city, email us to ask.

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