When you’ve got a thousand things to do and not enough time, completing projects at work and at home can sometimes be overwhelming. Since we’re in the business of helping you prepare for the world’s next workforce, we wanted to give you a short list of six apps that could help make the way you work a little easier, and boost your productivity.


Want to stop playing meetup tag and start being more efficient at making plans with colleagues or friends? Do yourself a huge favor and set up your Calendly account today. Make setting up your appointments and meetings much smoother with this online scheduler that gives others access to your calendar, so they can book times when you’re actually available.


If you’re working on a passion project, have an active social life, and you feel your full-time work projects are dropping off, you more than likely need a little help staying organized and in control (hello, Sunday scaries). Airtable is a project management tool where you can add collaborators, share documents, and work on long range projects of any type. It lets you easily customize your workflow, no matter what you’re working on.


Tired of writing all your thoughts in your Notes app and having it get lost? Todoist allows you to ‘free up your mental space’ with to do lists in organized checklists. No more trying to search for that one obscure note. With Todoist, you can easily separate your work tasks from home life, and clearly see all things you need to do. Unfortunately, you’ll still actually have to do the task, no matter how organized you are. ;)  


There's nothing more heartbreaking than a typo, and no matter how good a proof-reader you are, mistakes happen… or they used to, until Grammarly came along. Think of it as spell check, but supercharged. Spend less time stressing if your sentence construction makes sense, and more time working on your ideas.


There are few things in the modern era more distracting than the push notification. When has being pushed by anything been good? Thankfully, Pushbullet is your personal alert butler, organizing, sorting and sharing your pings so you get the messages you need (and less of the updates that you don’t). It’s on you to delete Twitter, though.


Do you like reading and research, but don’t always have the time to read that one interesting article as soon as you see it? Let’s face it, each headline we click on is usually a distraction from our to-do list. Pocket is an amazing app that lets you store the must-read articles you see throughout the day. You can create different categories and set reminders for when you want to go back and dive in––plus, no more looking over your shoulder for the boss when you’re ‘working’.


If there are moments when you don’t have the clearest picture of what a project entails or what you really want to do, you may need a more intuitive tool to help. Mindmiester provides you with a digital space for mind mapping. You’ll be able to jot down initial project thoughts, develop ideas, and share those insights with others.


Ever feel like your brain doesn’t have enough room for all the thoughts rattling around in there? You are going to love Headspace. It’s an app that provides really quick guided meditation breaks. You can collect your thoughts in just 5 minutes, without leaving your desk. Us Thinks (Thinkful employees), love this app.


If it’s nearing 3pm and your to-do list hasn’t seemed to change much since 9am, you could use Toggl. The tracking app was created to help you get a clear picture of how much time you’re spending across different web pages and networks. Stop getting distracted, and start calculating where you’re losing time (and then figure out where you can better delegate your tasks).


Forgotten your password for the hundredth time? You're not alone. LastPass is an app that stores all your passwords so that you can use your brain power for more important things––like staying productive (see what we did there?).

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