3 reasons why you should join a coding bootcamp if you are in Atlanta

The Atlanta tech scene is growing like never before. There are so many great opportunities to work for some amazing companies if you learn the programming skills that are currently in demand. Here’s why you should take advantage of this growth and start your

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4 Skills You Need to Become a Data Scientist

Interesting in becoming a data scientist? Here are some critical data science skills that you will need in order to make the career change. For each data science skill listed, there is also corresponding advice and resources on how to improve that specific skill. This

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Average web developer salary by state

...and adjusted by cost of living index. You won’t see New York or California in the top 10 of this list. This list uses the average web developer salary by state along with a state’s cost of living index in order to rank

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Web Developer vs Software Developer — What’s the difference?

TL;DR - Don’t worry about titles, instead aspire to be a better programmer. Often those new to programming are confused about what exactly is the difference between a Web Developer, Software Developer, Software Engineer, etc. Here are some details on what set of

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What is a "full stack" developer?

“all-singing, all-dancing technical wizard” - Ian Peters-Campbell on the definition of a “full stack developer” Typically when a job posting or job title uses the word “full stack” they are referring to someone who has both “Frontend” and “Backend” Development knowledge. Taken more generally, it

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