Data Analysts have one of the most intellectually stimulating and financially rewarding jobs in America. In a world where extracting meaningful insights from data ultimately influences how business decisions are made, it’s no surprise that data analyst job openings are expected to grow 9.3% by 2029.

Nationwide, data analyst earn between$51k-$83k with an average salary of $73,315. That’s over 55% more than the national average salary of $47,060. This high earning potential is the result of the demand for data analysis skills across all job industries.

Interested in becoming one of the most important people at your company?? You’ll need strong skills in SQL, Microsoft Excel, data visualization and business intelligence tools like Tableau. Thinkful's Data Analytics Flex covers these subjects because we want to ensure our students learn the skills that land them jobs.

The infographic below shows the average data analyst salary by state. See what you could earn as a data analyst in your area and don’t forget – the tech industry also offers remote job opportunities in this field.

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