Today was a bad day for the United States’ jobs market. According to the monthly Bureau of Labor Statistics Report, only 38,000 net new jobs were added in May 2016. That fell way short of economists’ projections of 160,000 new jobs, and was well off the usual mark of 200,000 per month that we’ve seen over the last few years.

A lot of people in the manufacturing and mining industries, which took big hits, are worried about their jobs.

Software developers, on the other hand, don’t need to worry as much. Many experts have estimated that employers around the country will need about 1,400,000 more programmers by 2020. The Bureau of Labor Statistics offers a more modest forecast, saying that the demand for software developers will grow at only 17% over the coming decade—which is still a much faster pace than the average industry. Someone needs to fill all of those job openings.

On top of that, these are serious, professional-level jobs: the median software developer’s annual salary was $100,690 in 2015. Not too shabby.

You don’t need to be one of Silicon Valley’s billion-dollar geniuses to break into this world. Thinkful firmly believes that anyone with a will to learn can become a developer. Programming is a skill like any other, and with dedication, focus, and a good teacher, you can master it.

There are many ways to learn to code, but we think that Thinkful’s outcomes prove that our mentor-driven approach works best (the average mentored student performs better than 98% of students who learn by conventional methods).

Students in our Flexible Web Development Bootcamp are able to keep their full-time jobs while becoming developers in their spare time. People who are willing to dedicate all of their time to learning to code also have the option of Thinkful’s Full Time Web Development Bootcamp.

Speaking of jobs, we guarantee that our students will get a full-time software development job when they graduate, or they get their money back. We’re confident enough to do that because of our Jobs Report, which shows 92% of Thinkful’s Bootcamp students find full-time software development jobs when they graduate, with an average salary increase of 106%. These stats are updated monthly, and our methods have been audited by a third-party accounting firm (PDF—we’re the first online coding school to have had this done).

In times of economic uncertainty, learning new skills is always a smart investment.

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