When I decided to start learning web development, I took a “total immersion” approach. I listened to programming podcasts at the gym, filled my inbox with web development newsletters, and made HackerNews my homepage. Thinkful’s “Best Of” Series aims to help you do the same, by guiding you to resources that will bring you up to speed with the world of web development and inspire you to keep learning.

This week we’re focusing on Twitter. Here’s an awesome list of people to follow as a newcomer to web development.

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Bio: CTO of Flatiron School, Founder of Girl Develop It

Tweets about: women in tech, meetups, learning resources, cats

Michael Hartl, @mhartl

Bio: Author of Ruby on Rails Tutorial

Tweets about: Ruby, various programming languages, Tau Day

Pamela Fox, @pamelafox

Bio: CS curriculum developer at Khan Academy

Tweets about: JavaScript, Python, learning resources, CS education

Zed Shaw, @lzsthw 

Bio: Writer of Learn Code the Hard Way series including LPTHW

Tweets about: coding tips, learning resources, programming books

Gregg Pollack, @greggpollack

Bio: Founder of Code School

Tweets about: programming languages and frameworks, learning resources

Mattan Griffel, @mattangriffel

Bio: Founder of One Month

Tweets about: Rails, growth hacking, writing, productivity

Phillip Guo, @pgbovine

Bio: Creator of PythonTutor, Edtech researcher

Tweets about: Python, EdTech, MOOCs, CS education

Writers and curators


Bio: Author of Designing with Web Standards, Co-creator of A List Apart

Tweets about: design, front-end development, web standards, UX

Chris Coyier, @chriscoyier

Bio: Curator of CSS-Tricks, Designer of

Tweets about: design, CSS, UI

Lea Verou, @leaverou

Bio: formerly worked for W3C in Developer Relations, currently writing a CSS book for O’Reilly

Tweets about: front-end development, web standards, CSS, design, UX

Peter Cooper, @peterc

Bio: Author of Beginning Ruby, Curator of JavaScript Weekly, HTML5 Weekly, Ruby Weekly and more

Tweets about: Ruby on Rails, learning sources, projects

Louis Lazaris, @impressivewebs

Bio: Editor for SitePoint, Freelance web developer, blogger, writer for Smashing Magazine

Tweets about: web dev tools, code examples, web design, CSS

Creators and Evangelists


Bio: Mozilla Developer Evangelist

Tweets about: open web, HTML, CSS, Firefox, and hedgehogs

Chris Wanstrath, @defunkt

Bio: GitHub Co-Founder & CEO

Tweets about: GitHub, collaboration, open source

Angelina Fabbro, @angelinamagnum

Bio: DevTools team at Mozilla

Tweets about: developer tools, mobile web, web standards

Paul Irish, @paul_irish

Bio: Works for Chrome Developer Relations

Tweets about: mobile web, front-end development, developer tools, Chrome

Addy Osmani, @addyosmani

Bio: Engineer at Google, Creator of TodoMVCYeoman 

Tweets about: developer tools, Chrome

Inspiring developers


Bio: Learned web development by building 180 websites in 180 days

Tweets about: JavaScript, Ruby, learning resources & strategies

Saron Yitbarek, @saronyitbarek

Bio: Hacker-in-residence at NY Code Meetup, runs a weekly #codenewbie chat on Twitter with @carlosplusplus

Tweets about: learning to code, developer communities, Ruby, JavaScript

Nicole Sullivan, @stubbornella

Bio: Software engineer at Pivotal Labs

Tweets about: CSS, performance and scalability

Leah Culver, @leahculver

Bio: iOS and Python developer, Developer Advocate at Dropbox

Tweets about: APIs, iOS, Python, Django, open source

Alex Payne, @al3x

Bio: Programmer, writer, angel investor, early employee at Twitter and Simple

Tweets about: tech, startups, various programming languages

Language and framework founders


Bio: Creator of Ruby on Rails, Founder and CTO of Basecamp

Tweets about: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, general tech, politics

Guido van Rossum, @gvanrossum

Bio: Creator and “Benevolent Dictator for Life” of Python programming language

Tweets about: Python

Brendon Eich, @brendoneich

Bio: Creator of JavaScript, Founder of Mozilla

Tweets about: JavaScript

John Resig, @jeresig

Bio: Creator of jQuery, Dean of Computer Science for Khan Academy

Tweets about: jQuery, JavaScript, learning resources

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Written by: Sonja Peterson    Edited by: Bhaumik Patel

p.s. Next week’s post on Best Newsletters is up!

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