One of the unique features that attracts students to Thinkful over our competitors is our commitment to offering high-quality tech education in a range of formats. Prospective students find us at different stages: some are ready to focus on their education full-time, while others are trying to transition to a new career while balancing an existing job or a family.

In short, our students have different needs, and we’re able to match those needs with our two very different course structures: Flex and Immersion.

Which course format should I choose?


Available for Software Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics, UX/UI Design, Product Management


Available for Software Engineering, Data Science

Flexible course offerings make tech jobs more accessible.

Offering our courses in a range of formats was more than just an afterthought: it was an intentional decision to make fulfilling, high-income tech careers accessible to more students.

Many career-changers are motivated to learn, but face challenges when trying to change their path. For those who have a family, need to keep a job to pay the bills, or face any other existing time obligation - adhering to a strict Monday through Friday study schedule may not be an option.

That’s why we’ve created different course formats, all in an online environment - making tech careers a possibility for many who previously didn’t see further education as an option.

Still have questions?

It’s a big decision, and we want to make sure you choose the course that works best for your lifestyle (not to mention a subject that really inspires you). Schedule a call to find out more about how we achieve lasting career outcomes for our students.

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