One of the unique features that attracts students to Thinkful over our competitors is our commitment to offering high-quality tech education in a range of formats. Prospective students find us at different stages: some are ready to focus on their education full-time, while others are trying to transition to a new career while balancing an existing job or a family.

In short, our students have different needs, and we’re able to match those needs with our two very different course structures: part-time and full-time.

Part-time - Get a new career without giving up your current paycheck. This is a part-time, flexible option that allows you to set your own schedule, committing your 25-30 hours per week to the times that work best for you.

Full-time - For those who are able to commit to full-time study. Full-time immersive courses are 40-50 hours per week, Monday through Friday, all online.

Which course format should I choose?


Available for Software Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics, UX/UI Design, Product Management

Who it works for: If you want to keep your job while you study, or learn best independently, Flex is the right option for you. You’ll have learning support, with detailed course material, assignments, and optional, online “office hours” when you run into questions. But you’ll be able to choose when and where you complete the work. The only scheduled sessions will be your one-on-one mentor meetings. This is also an ideal option for anyone who has family obligations, health concerns, or any other circumstances that make a full-time commitment a challenge.

May not be for you if: You’re able to commit to studying your field full-time. If you don’t necessarily need to keep working while you study, an Immersion track will get you into your new career faster than Flex. Immersion also includes additional resources, like dedicated instructors and TAs.


Available for Software Engineering, Data Science

Who it works for: If you want to fast-track your career development and study full-time, go for the Immersion format. With a structured schedule, collaborative projects, weekly assignments and personalized feedback, you’ll live and breathe your chosen subject area. You’ll workshop with instructors and TAs, without sacrificing the flexibility of an online format. Devoting to your course full-time also means you’ll learn the core skills and develop your portfolio more quickly. Get ready for a new career, faster.

May not be for you if: You’re a little more advanced in the subject, or you’re an independent learner. In Immersion courses, you’ll be working at the pace of the rest of the class, and completing some assignments in pairs. If you already have some background knowledge and want the flexibility to move ahead where you can, you should consider the Flex option.

Financial assistance while you study: Because full-time candidates may face financial challenges while studying full-time, we have payment options to alleviate the cost of tuition. If you choose to take advantage of our Income Share Agreement (ISA), you’ll owe nothing until you start a new job; then you’ll pay back 15% of your income for two years. And if you need a little help paying the bills, you can apply for a Living Stipend: a $1,500 monthly payment to cover basic expenses that you pay back once you’re working again.

Flexible course offerings make tech jobs more accessible.

Offering our courses in a range of formats was more than just an afterthought: it was an intentional decision to make fulfilling, high-income tech careers accessible to more students.

Many career-changers are motivated to learn, but face challenges when trying to change their path. For those who have a family, need to keep a job to pay the bills, or face any other existing time obligation - adhering to a strict Monday through Friday study schedule may not be an option.

That’s why we’ve created different course formats, all in an online environment - making tech careers a possibility for many who previously didn’t see further education as an option.

Still have questions?

It’s a big decision, and we want to make sure you choose the course that works best for your lifestyle (not to mention a subject that really inspires you). Schedule a call to find out more about how we achieve lasting career outcomes for our students.

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