After constant improvement and a lot of thought, we’ve changed Career Path’s name to Web Development Bootcamp. You can take it at Full Time or Flexible pace.

Since the program started 18 months ago, our entire team has been focused on making students’ transitions to a software development career possible.

The education team has pushed out curriculum update after update, working closely with students and mentors to get things right. We’ve drafted an original curriculum that we’re proud of, and that works. Our newest update to our frontend web development unit has already received great reviews from students and mentors alike.

Career Prep has also been a major focus. We’ve successfully placed dozens of grads in software development jobs and helped them see an average salary increase of 128%. Numbers like that are surprising, and they don’t happen by accident. With portfolio tuneups and CV reviews built into the course, students graduate on a strong footing to find a job. We also help people prioritize applications and negotiate, so they end up with the best possible starting salary in the software job they aspired to.

In other words, we drill on every core competency needed to get a job in the software industry.

That makes us a bootcamp—so we changed the name to reflect that, and to meet the student expectations that come along with it.

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