Becoming a UX/UI designer will set you on a path of career fulfillment and financial success. We first shared that we’re launching a UX/UI course, now we want to give you the details on what it’s like to be a UX/UI designer in the wild. Numerous opportunities await.

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The average UX/UI designer salary in the U.S. ranges from $64,000 to $137,000. The majority of UX/UI designers out there are making $91,428 a year according to Glassdoor. You’re setting yourself up with a surefire way to lead a stable career by choosing this field.

Highly qualified UX/UI designers have a deep understanding of user experience research, user interaction, web design, visual design, and more. What's great about UX/UI (and our courses) is that you can focus on specialized fields like research, web design, and visuals because careers in this world cover a multitude of design topics, you just have to find what interests you the most. Once you’ve mastered the main skills to keep users coming back for more, and made yourself an invaluable part of any design team, your career in the world’s next workforce has no limits.

UX Research

You’ll need to know how to conduct quality research studies in order to produce the best designs that consumers want. Data collection, surveying, and quantitative and qualitative analysis are all a part of the job. A UX/UI designer at fashion brand Zara could design and conduct surveys to see which blazers on the homepage are more attractive to a specific type of customer. UX/UI designers could earn between $106,000 - $115,000.

Web Design

If you want to increase your earning potential, you’ll learn front end programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to help you build what you’ve designed. For instance, a UX/UI designer at online car dealer Carfax could not only create mockups of what a new purchasing button looks like, they also have the skills to clearly communicate with developers on a technical level about functional changes needed like reducing the load time for a new cars page. Starting salaries range from $51K-$119K at Carfax.

Visual Design

What you see is what you get. As a UX/UI designer, branding, usability, and accessibility are focus points for any project. Your designs have to convey a specific message so that users use the product in the way that it’s intended. A UX/UI designer at The Home Depot ensures that branding guidelines are consistent throughout all product channels and departments. A users experience with purchasing a light fixture online should be just as smooth when searching for floor tiles. You could make an average salary between $83,000 and $167,000 as a Home Depot UX/UI designer.

All salaries according to Art by Rachel Knobloch.

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