We recently announced Product Management Flex, a course that equips you with every tool you’ll need to land a new worthwhile career in the world’s next workforce. First, we told you all about what you'll learn in the course and the technical growth you'll experience. Now, let’s break down the types of roles you could land in product management.

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The products we love and use every day were bought to life thanks to the work of multi-skilled business and technology leaders. Product managers sit at the intersection of UX design and research, technology, and business. Not only are product managers strong communicators and strategists, they have the technical and creative know-how to effectively collaborate with engineers and designers.

Ready to get hired and kill it in a new product manager role? Below are examples of some of the work you could be doing once you’ve taken Product Management Flex.


Product managers at Groupon utilize user experience research to give insights into why certain shopping deals perform better on specific app pages. They manage the research of the user journey and find solutions as to why some deals have higher purchase rates. Get hired here, and you’ll work alongside UX designers, removing any friction for the user’s complete retail experience on the mobile app and website. The average base salary for a product manager at Groupon is $126,623.


Thinking about landing a job at one of the heavy hitters like Amazon Web Services? PM’s here need a deep understanding of the technologies products are built with. They spend their days scoping intricate technical requirements, prioritizing engineering tasks, and analyzing performance in order to provide the best tech foundation for each product. The average salary yearly for a product manager at Amazon is $124,568.


Any product manager needs a high level of business acumen in order to reach company goals. Product managers at Lyft make decisions to ultimately provide a better consumer experience, You’ll constantly analyze performance of new product releases to ensure that customers are satisfied and revenue is ticking in the upward direction. The base salary for a product manager at Lyft is $184,310.

*All salary amounts from Glassdoor. Art by Jay Quercia.

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