Coding can, and should, be about so much more than building cool apps. When used for good, it even has the ability to positively change lives. As Thanksgiving approaches, we want to celebrate four organizations that stand out in the tech industry for creating products and services that improve society.

Code for America

Imagine a room filled with every technical skill needed to solve some of the world’s toughest societal problems… that room is probably located in the Code for America office. This organization is a network of experienced technologists and designers who commit their time to enhancing government services and public policy initiatives with technology. They are making the government work for the people in the digital age.


Ever felt bad about the food that gets wasted at events or meetings? Goodr is a technology platform aimed at creating zero food waste and eliminating hunger. You donate your surplus food, they will pick it up and then give it to nonprofits who need it. The platform also provides predictive data to improve purchasing and production decisions.


Lack of access to capital means that around three billion people are locked out of contributing important business ideas and innovations to the world. Tala is addressing this serious problem  with their mobile app that disperses micro-loans. With advanced data science, Tala has built a modern credit infrastructure to provide loans to people who need it most.


We spend a lot of time at work, and that time should be spent being respected and appreciated. tEQuitable is a software application that addresses bias, discrimination, and harassment in the workplace. Considered a “modern tech-enabled Ombuds practice”, this platform enables informal conflict resolution to better help employee engagement and prevent negative behavior.

Art By Abbie Winters.

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