Coding positions at top tech companies are highly rewarding and well-paid jobs. They’re also highly competitive. Roles in programming, web development, software engineering, and software development generally require candidates to have prior coding experience. Even for entry level jobs, you might have to demonstrate that you’ve worked on real-life programming projects.

This can create a problem for new coders starting out. If you need experience in order to get experience, how do you start? One of the most effective ways to solve this problem is by applying for a coding internship.

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Why Do You Need a Coding Internship?

An internship bridges the gap between the theoretical skills that you learn through education and the practical experience needed for real-life projects.

Completing a coding internship will strengthen your resume. It shows prospective employers that you’ve been involved in actual projects, worked as part of a team, and gained vital experience in the field. It also shows your commitment to coding and demonstrates you have well-defined career goals.

Most of the major tech firms offer coding internship programs. Some even promise a full-time position afterward. This gives aspiring coders an invaluable opportunity to kickstart their coding careers.

How to Find a Coding Internship

Finding a coding internship can sometimes be tough. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect introduction to professional web development:

Top Coding Internships

Knodemy Inc: Technology Program Summer Internship - Computer Science: Knodemy develops learning products for education companies. This internship is a good way to hone your programming skills and gain real-world coding experience. You should be a team player and have strong communication skills. It pays well and you’ll be required to work 15-25 hours a week.

IBM: Extreme Blue Internship Program: This internship is a really good opportunity to gain experience in Python, JavaScript, and C. You also get to learn how to work in teams, which is an essential skill for a tech professional. You’ll help develop open-source code, new technologies, and client solutions.

Chevron: IT Internships: Chevron provides technical internship opportunities at various locations across the U.S. You’ll get the chance to improve your programming, analytical, and product management skills. These internships are available for both bachelor’s and master’s degree students in fields such as computer science, IT, or other related fields. They also accept interns from non-degree backgrounds provided you have the necessary skills. Chevron is a reputable name in the tech field so will look great on your resume.

Apple: Summer Internships and Co-ops: Apple provides internships in areas like hardware engineering, corporate IT, and coding. You’ll have the opportunity to be part of product launches, which will enhance your overall internship experience.

Google: Technical Internships: Google is one of the biggest names in tech. They provide leading search solutions and rely heavily on talented coders to build algorithms. If you’re a passionate coder and have a programming or engineering background, then this might be your dream internship. Applications can be completed online. If successful you’ll be invited to an interview where your coding skills are tested.

Oneok: “The One to Work For” Information Technology Internships: Oneok is a large multinational energy company that deals with natural gas. Students pursuing a degree in MIS, computer science, or any other relevant field, with a good academic background, can apply. You can improve your design, coding, testing, and deployment skills while interning at Oneok.

Microsoft: Hardware, Software, and Other Technical Internships: Microsoft offers various coding internships for students with all levels of experience. Explore Microsoft is a popular internship among fresh graduates. Students with more experience can apply for live projects in software design, hardware engineering, and other technical fields. Most coding internships require students to be proficient in C, C++, C#, and JavaScript.

Cigna: Technology Early Career Development Program (TECDP): TECDP is ideal for coders who are passionate about tech and love building programs to meet customer requirements. Programming competency is a prerequisite for this internship. Characterized by challenging assignments, formalized training, and guided mentorship, this program will train you in all functions of technology services.

Raytheon: Information Technology Leadership Development Program: Raytheon deals in defense technology. They offer both full-time or part-time internships in various fields like programming, product management, and system architecture. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in defense technology, Raytheon is a great place to start your journey.

These are just some of the internships available for programmers. There are numerous other reputable companies offering internship opportunities. All you need to do is research, network, and persevere.

Make the Most of Your Coding Internship

Remember, a coding internship is vitally important to your future career in tech. Any internship will help you decide if this is the right career path for you, and help you understand first-hand what a coder does.

You might not achieve the highest coding salary right off the bat as an intern, but the experience you gain, the professional network you build, and the coding skills you learn are priceless. (And they’ll probably lead to high salaries with lots of upward mobility.)

Make the most of the opportunity. You’ll work with some brilliant minds and established coders. If you perform well, there may even be a job waiting for you at the finish line.

If you want to boost your chances of landing an internship or even propel yourself straight into a fully-paid position sign up for our coding bootcamp. You’ll learn essential technical skills and receive professional career coaching as you work through our expertly designed curriculum. We’ll support you every step of the way to achieve your career goals and land that dream coding job.

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