Palm trees, sand, and frozen drinks - these are a few words that come to mind when people describe Miami. However, we know that there’s more to Miami than fun in the sun. The city has transformed into a tech hub and the 1.3 billion dollars it received in venture funding last year proves it. This is great news for Miami except for one big problem - there simply aren’t enough skilled professionals to fill every open position.

The Miami Tech Skills Gap and Job Market

The tech skills gap in Miami leaves employers searching frantically to find the right employees. The situation is so dire that over 5,000 Miami tech industry jobs went unfilled in January 2019. Among roles with skills shortages in Miami, web development and data jobs rank in the top 10.

While the skills gap is creating headaches for employers, it can be great for prospective techies and software developers. For example, high unmet demand usually leads to high salaries. It’s no surprise then that the average salary for a Miami Software Engineer is $84.8k.

Below is a list of large corporations and tech startups in Miami hiring tech talent. These companies are hiring for roles like Full Stack, Back End, Front End, DevOps, and Mobile Engineers, and desire talent with language skills like JavaScript, Java, Python, HTML, and CSS.

More Miami tech and startup jobs can be found on websites like AngelList.

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