Atlanta, Georgia is not only home to the second largest aquarium in the world, it’s also a burgeoning tech hub with an average tech wage of about $93k. Here are some labor insights from Burning Glass for April, 2019:

That’s a lot of opportunity! To help you wrap your mind around this mecca of tech employment, we’ve put together a few job market highlights. Remember: If you’re looking to become a Web developer or score a job in data science in Atlanta, GA, Thinkful can help.

Atlanta-Based Companies Hiring Web Developers

Check the term “Web developer” in Indeed, for Atlanta, in late April, and you’re greeted with more than 1,000 job listings. Of these:

Thinkful Web dev grads in Atlanta: This is your oyster! You’ll easily spot terms like “Python,” “Full Stack” and “Front End.” Consider these awesome opportunities in Web development:

Who’s hiring: Warner Media Group (specifically CNN Digital)
What for: Software Application Developer
What you’ll do: Work on full stack Web development for platforms that drive consumer-facing products; integrate internal publishing systems; code utilities and services
Where you’ll work: Downtown Atlanta at One CNN Center
How to apply: Apply here

Who’s hiring: Fitspot Wellness
What for: Full Stack Developer
What you’ll do: Develop front end and back end modules in React / Javascript
Where you’ll work: Midtown Atlanta, GA (at an adjustable sit-to-stand desk)
How to apply: Apply here

Atlanta-Based Companies Hiring Data Scientists

Data science in greater Atlanta is booming with 471 available jobs as of April, 2019. Here are the details:

Check out these companies hiring data science professionals in the Atlanta area:

Who’s hiring: Accenture (specifically Applied Intelligence)
What for: Healthcare Data Science Consultant
What you’ll do: Use statistics, data-mining, machine learning and deep learning techniques to deliver data-driven healthcare industry insights
Where you’ll work: Downtown Atlanta
How to apply: Apply here

Who’s hiring: TruckIT
What for: Junior Data Scientist
What you’ll do: Design, construct and maintain mission-critical, highly-visible reports in direct support of business objectives
Where you’ll work: A “casual” environment on Peachtree St. in Atlanta
How to apply: Apply here

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