If you’re ready to be  a part of this exciting field, we can’t blame you. Data science is a challenging and rewarding career, and the job market continues to grow. If you’ve already got the skills you need to get hired, we’re here to help you through the next step: crafting the perfect data science resume.

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Resume Tips for Aspiring Data Scientists

Here are a few of our most useful tips for polishing up that data science resume and getting a call back.

1. Introduce Your Full Range Of Expertise

Keep in mind that the field of data science is still pretty new. Because of this, some employers still need to grasp the full value of it. Mention your responsibilities and accomplishments as a data scientist, and how they impacted the bottom line or helped to improve business operations.

2. Describe Previous Work Experience

Here you can demonstrate, concisely but with sufficient detail, how you leveraged your data analysis skills in previous projects. You’ll also want to discuss your results.

Be specific about your work experiences, and share relevant examples to add to your credibility. Demonstrate the results of your actions in a way that’s easy and quick to understand.

Some examples of a data scientist’s work responsibilities and achievements are as follows.

3. Highlight Your Relevant And Unique Skills

As a data scientist, you should be able to demonstrate how proficient you are at managing tools for studying data. You should mention the computer or data processing programs you generally use to work with data science. Also, try and make sure you incorporate a means of highlighting your level of aptitude for the given tool. This will help to better reflect your potential.

It’s also vital to make sure you convince your recruiters that you can handle interpersonal situations as well. So, be sure to list those crucial abilities. This holds particular importance since you are highly likely to communicate with people who aren’t always data scientists. Finally, any additional skills, like foreign language proficiency or online certifications can also make a great impression on the recruiters.

5. Infuse The Professional Experience Section Of Your Resume With Action Verbs

Make use of the following action verbs to maximize your impact:

6. Quantify Your Achievements

While most of your life you’ve been asked to steer clear of jargon, your data scientist resume is a little different.  Here’s where you can show off your technical prowess.

Keep on Learning

Combined with a killer data science cover letter and great references, these resume tips will help you influence your prospective employers. Whether you’re a new on the scene or a seasoned data scientist, make sure your complete range of hard and soft skills are well reflected in your resume.

If you want more help to land your dream job, Thinkful’s team is here to help. We’ve also got plenty of useful data science articles to steer you in the right direction in your new career.

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