With this rise of the digital age, the way people shop has changed. Business owners can’t rely on newspapers, radio, and television to market their products anymore. Instead, they need to turn to digital marketing.

Digital marketing is all about being able to connect with potential customers via  clever digital ad strategies, catchy social media posts, email campaigns and much more. Business owners and digital marketers use digital technology paired with marketing strategies to promote products and services to specific consumers.

The digital marketing industry is booming and there’s been a surge in demand for marketers. If you’re looking to kick off a career in digital marketing and you have the required skills to be a digital marketer, you’ll find plenty of options ahead.

Even better? Jobs in this industry are high-paying and come with several perks and benefits. But before we get into the salary of digital marketers, we need to be clear on the roles in the digital marketing industry.

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Job Titles in Digital Marketing

As mentioned before, half of the world is on the internet. And it’s estimated that in the next few years, every business – big or small, will have an online presence. This will create a huge amount of career opportunities for digital marketers. The career options in this domain are:

Digital Marketing Salaries

As mentioned above, how much you could earn as a digital marketer depends largely on your area of expertise, experience, and geographic location. But we can help you get a sense of where your salary might land. Below are a few popular digital marketing titles, and how much they typically earn.

Digital Marketing Specialist Salary

Digital marketers who are able to lead a team and tailor campaigns from top to bottom will quickly move up the ranks to digital marketing manager.

A digital marketing manager earns an average salary of $68,059 per year.

A young graduate aiming to start a career as a digital marketing manager can expect to earn an average of $41,828 per year. Mid-level digital marketing managers can earn $72,043 per year, while senior-level managers can earn an average of $82,483 per year.

The salary varies by location as well.

Digital marketing managers in San Francisco make almost 31% more than the national average. Their counterparts in Seattle make 16% more than the national average. In New York, digital marketing managers earn 5% more than the national average, while the managers in Denver earn almost 6% less than the national average.

You may have to gain experience as an entry-level digital marketer before earning a management position. But if you have a varied portfolio, you could be in the running for more senior positions regardless of your professional experience.

SEO Manager Salary

Digital marketers often rely on Google and Bing to send traffic and potential customers to their page. So search engine optimization (SEO) has become a popular career track within marketing.

A Search Engine Optimization Manager earns an average compensation of $72,139 a year. Like the compensation package of a digital marketing manager, the compensations that SEO managers get also vary by experience.

An aspiring SEO Manager aiming for an entry-level job can expect to earn an average of $49,435 per year. SEO Managers with 1 to 4 years of experience make around $78,945 per year. Senior managers with 10 or more years of experience earn an average of $86,081 per year. Digital marketers who can prove their SEO efforts impact the bottom line could easily bring in higher salaries.

Needless to say, the compensation of SEO managers varies with geographical location. SEO Managers in San Francisco make 55% more than the national average. In New York, SEO Managers make 14% more than the national average, while their counterparts in Philadelphia earn 9% less than the national average.

Social Media Manager Salary

Social media is a popular focus area for digital marketers who enjoy building an audience and creating a connection with followers. The average compensation of a social media manager in the United States is $52,326 per year. Of course, this varies with experience and location.

Social media managers with little (less than a year) or no experience can expect to earn an average of $40,706 a year. Social media managers in their mid-career earn $62,317 per year. The ones with 10 or more years of experience earn an average of $68,624 per year. If you’re looking to become a digital marketer and also relish seeing follows, shares, and likes flow in on your personal Instagram and Facebook, then you may have already found your niche.

Going by location, social media managers in San Francisco earn 54% more than the national average. In Chicago, social media managers earn almost 12% more than the national average.

Content Manager Salary

Content management has become a popular subspecialty for digital marketers who are also strong writers. The average compensation of a content manager in the United States is $60,131 per year. As with most careers, the compensation that a content manager gets varies with experience and location.

An entry-level content manager may make $45,086 per year. A content manager in mid-career earns an average compensation of $64,508 per year, while a more experienced content manager (over 10 years of experience) takes home an average of $73,440 in a year.

Employees in San Francisco, Boston, and New York earn more than the national average at 37%, 18%, and 9%, respectively. Content managers in Washington, D.C. earn the lowest at 3% less than the national average.

Copywriter Salary

The average compensation of a copywriter in the United States is $53,282 per year. And of course, the compensation varies with experience and location.

An entry-level copywriter may make over $41,523 per year, while senior copywriters take home around $59,333 per year. A copywriter in their mid-career earns an average compensation of $60,701 per year.

Digital marketers who specialize in copywriting and are based in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles earn more than the national average – 50%, 19%, and 18% respectively. Copywriters in Dallas, Texas earn the lowest at 16% less than the national average.

If you choose to focus on copywriting rather than working more broadly as a digital marketer, you could increase your earning potential by learning about SEO, which often influences an organization’s content goals.

Start Your Career in Digital Marketing

In addition to the above-mentioned careers, there are other digital marketing job profiles that specialize in specific domains. These are Pay Per Click Specialists, Email Specialists, CRM Consultants, and Influencer Marketers. Whether you’re creative or tech-savvy, focus on clicks and sales or brand recognition, you’ll find a rewarding career track for you in digital marketing.

If you commit to learning the current tech skills, then you could enjoy a high-paying, rewarding career as a digital marketer. You can count on plenty of growth opportunities as more and more companies see the potential of effective digital ads, social media marketing and improved search rankings.

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How do I get into digital marketing?

You can get into digital marketing by first learning the fundamentals. You can start by creating your website, learning SEO, advertising on Facebook, and mastering Google Analytics. You should also keep yourself updated with all recent developments in this field.

Will a degree help me make more money?

Having a digital marketing degree may make your resume stand out a bit, but the reality is that this industry prefers skills over everything. A degree is seldom required to apply to a digital marketing role. Meanwhile, the skills you bring to the table are the biggest thing employers are looking for. If you want to get into digital marketing, you’re better off going for an education pathway that gets you job-ready digital marketing skills. In the end, skills and experience have the biggest impact on salary.

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