These days, digital marketing takes up an increasingly large slice of the budget pie, with most organizations now spending more than half their advertising dollars on digital channels.

As the internet, social media and digital technology reach further into our lives, the marketing industry has had to evolve and keep pace with each new arrival, or risk being left behind. With more and more of us spending increasingly longer chunks of time browsing websites or tapping into apps, companies have had to find new ways to get noticed.

As a marketer, even if your job title doesn’t include the word “digital”, your role probably involves some measure of it. Whether it’s data-driven marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media advertising, in-game marketing, or digital campaigns—digital marketing has become the new normal.

And one of the best ways to keep up is by keeping tabs on a few of the best marketing blogs. So we’ve collected 10 of our favorites for marketers at every career level.

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Top Digital Marketing Blogs to Read

If you’re looking to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the latest digital marketing trends and developments, blogs offer an easy way to tune into the latest industry news. There are a whole range of popular blogs out there churning out generous content designed to keep you informed and coming back for more.

Presented in no particular order, we recommend the following digital marketing blogs for their exceptional content, sound advice, and regular updates:

The Moz Blog: The Moz Blog is one of the best blogs out there in the digital marketing jungle. It's an indispensable tool for digital marketers, from beginners to experts. With plenty of easy to read content, Moz aims to offer the best advice, research, and how-to guides from top industry wizards of online marketing and SEO. It’s perhaps best known for its step-by-step guides on SEO-related topics. Moz was founded by Rand Fishkin, a well-known tech entrepreneur who still regularly posts on the blog. Widely credited as a leader in the world of SEO, Rand also co-founded (which was sold to HubSpot in 2014) and Sparktoro. If you’re a digital marketer or just getting started in digital marketing, The Moz Blog is well worth a follow.

Sparktoro: Of course we couldn’t mention Moz without following up with Sparktoro. This is one of the top audience intelligence tools, offering services like Fake Follower Audits and a search engine to discover any target audience's influential publications, channels, and people. Fishkin updates the Sparktoro blog under his name on a bi-weekly basis, where digital marketing topics can range from audience psychology to hiring in the field of marketing, the importance of data, and more. Rand’s posts offer a credible source of opinion and commentary on recent digital marketing trends, and their likely impacts on the industry.

Buzzsumo: Another top marketing blog that comes highly recommended by bigwigs like Rand is Buzzsumo. A quick search of Buzzsumo will give you a wide variety of content ideas for digital marketing blogs. It’s a progression of ideas on developing top-notch digital marketing content, with a side of practical advice. Buzzsumo has separate tabs for articles on content marketing, influencer marketing, digital PR, and video marketing.

Kissmetrics: The USP of the Kissmetrics blogs is an in-depth statistical analysis of trends that can help to build a brand’s online marketing. No empty claims are made here, as everything is backed up by calculations and metrics with a logical explanation for every bit of advice offered. The solutions and advice offered on Kissmetrics can help you tweak your online marketing game and get you that little bit closer to achieving your marketing goals.

Hubspot: Hubspot is the company that pioneered the inbound method of marketing, with millions of digital marketers flocking to the site daily. Inbound marketing is the strategy that pulls in customers by making sure your site has good quality, generous content that keeps them coming back for more. The site has been generating content daily for years, educating marketers on all things under the sun related to online marketing. It also offers a ton of free tools and downloadable resources.

Neil Patel: Neil Patel is one of the most prolific bloggers in the world of online digital marketing; he’s become a cult figure of sorts. Neil has created various tools for marketers like Quick Sprout and Kissmetrics. Whether you want to analyze marketing data or read up on advice and tips about content creation, his blog is replete with pearls of wisdom gleaned from years of experience in the industry. Content generated for his various enterprises, software tools, YouTube videos, and podcasts is all centralized here making it a convenient repository of digital wisdom.

Blue Fountain Media: This is another immensely popular digital marketing site that draws in online marketers from around the world. The blog does well in choosing the right topics to analyze innovation in marketing, current digital trends, and the best practices to build into your marketing mix. They tend to post at least twice a week and do a great job advising on creative campaigns and result-driven marketing.

Content Marketing Institute: The Content Marketing Institute advises online marketers on how to create or tweak your content so that it pays dividends in brand growth. They also do an exceptional job of keeping you in touch with the latest industry trends, with access to hundreds of free eBooks. You’ll find advice on how to keep your content relevant, and the best game plans for successful r campaigns.

Marketing Land: This blog is a treasure trove of quality content on diverse and current topics in digital marketing. It ensures followers are filled in on the latest innovations in the world of social media that may help boost your brand. The site is also great for catching live streams of industry conventions you may not be able to make it to. Regular interviews pick the brains of industry leaders, making this a great blog to revisit over and again.

Thinkful: Our blog is growing every day and we post regularly on the topic of digital marketing. As one of the leading providers of online digital marketing courses, our thoughtfully curated blog addresses a range of topics on digital marketing and the trends of the industry. Our content is particularly helpful for beginners and will help you narrow down your areas of focus and possibly even take the next step into study.

More Resources for Digital Marketers

Along with the blogs listed above, other great ways to stay in know include digital marketing podcasts, books, and online presentations. There’s also a great range of talks and seminars available on YouTube from the major digital marketing annual conferences. For more digital marketing tips and tools, make sure you read our guide to digital marketing best practices. We also have a great post on digital marketing for beginners if you’re just starting out. You can also check out groups on social media sites and discussion platforms like Reddit, Medium, and Facebook, which hold discussions with students and experts in the field.

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