Marketing has always been about connecting with your audience at the right time and place. Not so long ago, brands would advertise heavily through billboards, TV and radio ads, newspapers, and magazines. These methods of marketing are still in use, but the rise of digital media has seen a radical shift in marketing tactics. Today, we spend most of our free time online: we pick up our phone every few minutes to browse Instagram, buy groceries, or order dinner. So brands have had to quickly adapt to this new digital world.

Digital marketing is the advertising of products, brands, and services through digital channels like mobile apps, web apps, websites, search engines and email. As the internet reaches further into even the remotest areas of the world, digital marketing has become essential for a business to become successful. Not only can a brand reach millions of people effectively, but digital marketing also allows businesses to check how a product is doing through data analytics.

This article looks at the various education and training options out there for those wanting to craft a career in  digital marketing. Read on for our tips on the best training routes and the skills to build if you want to run digital campaigns with the best of them.

Training and Education Paths in Digital Marketing

The first step towards becoming a digital marketer is to develop your knowledge of the fundamentals, followed by learning the necessary skills and techniques. There are a few different paths that you can follow to start a career in digital marketing. These include:

Below are some education and training paths that you can follow to start a career in digital marketing:

Bachelor’s Degrees in Digital Marketing

A bachelor’s degree in marketing or a related discipline can be a good way to start your education in digital marketing. Some entry-level digital marketing positions are only open to candidates with a bachelor’s degree. Popular bachelor’s degrees in digital marketing and related disciplines include:

Just like every learning path, going for a bachelor’s degree has its pros and cons. These include:



You can also invest in an online bachelor program if time and money are constraints.

Master’s Degrees in Digital Marketing

A master’s degree in digital marketing will focus on a specialization, which will build your expertise in a certain area of the discipline. There are courses in topics like brand strategy, content marketing, data visualization, multicultural markets, and influencer marketing, to name a few. Master’s degrees in marketing include:

Some pros and cons of master’s degrees are:



Digital Marketing Bootcamps

Bootcamps are one of the fastest and most efficient ways of learning any tech skill, including digital marketing. They can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete, depending on the course. Bootcamps condense the most relevant knowledge and training into a single intensive curriculum. Some popular digital marketing boot camps are:

The pros and cons of bootcamp learning include:



Digital Marketing Certifications

Digital marketing certifications help validate your skills. They can also be instrumental in getting you noticed in the competitive job market—and earn you a higher salary. Some popular digital marketing certifications are:

Teaching Yourself Digital Marketing

The number of self-taught digital marketing professionals has continued to rise in recent years. Although this path requires a lot of solo research, hard work, and discipline, there are a lot of professionals who have overcome the odds and started successful careers in digital marketing through self-learning. Some pros of self-learning are:

Some cons of self-learning are:

Overall, a formal education provides you with solid foundational knowledge, and is more structured. Having peers and mentors help you to move in the right direction. Structure is sometimes necessary to finish a course on time and assess your learning growth and development. Formal education can also be a great pathway into finding an internship or a job.

Learn the Skills for Digital Marketing

To be a successful digital marketing professional, you need to cultivate a certain skill set. Some important skills to have in your toolbox include:

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Launch Your Digital Marketing Career

Learn the technical skills needed to build an audience, create a brand, and drive sales. Study with a flexible, online schedule, a personal mentor, and peer groups.

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