There is always a good time to pursue or continue your education. For some, that might mean seeking the degree or training they’ve always wanted to gain. For others, it could be the drive to change careers or advance specific skill sets. If you’re deciding between college degrees and bootcamps, it might help to know a few of the jobs you can attain from either of them. Here are some examples.

Jobs You Can Get After Getting an Associates Degree

Simply put, associate degrees are two-year degrees. They generally cost half as much as a four-year bachelor's degree and take about half the time. Here are some jobs in the IT space that can be accessible with an associate's degree.

Web developer
Web developers aim to create and manage websites for various purposes. HTML webpage development, visual design, and the creation of site or application mockups are some typical responsibilities for this profession.

While pursuing an associate's degree offers is a good start, getting additional web development coursework could be wise. This is especially true if you plan to run your own web development agency.

Average yearly salary: $77,200
Forecasted growth rate: 13% (faster than average)

Most people need a high school diploma, an associate's degree, or a bachelor's degree.

Computer Support Professional
These specialists assist individuals and businesses in troubleshooting computer issues. Regular tasks include assessing current system networks and carrying out routine network maintenance.
Some employers may prefer a bachelor's degree. Still, typically you need at least an associate's to work as a computer network support expert (also known as a technical support professional).

Average annual wage: $55,510

9% is the predicted growth rate (as fast as average)

Many of the people in this position hold associate's degrees.

Jobs You Can Get with a Bachelor's Degree

You might have heard of Bachelor's of Arts and Bachelor's in Science since these are the most common type of bachelor's degrees. Generally, each bachelor's degree necessitates 3 to 4 years to complete. Thus, if you wish to enter a graduate program, you will need a bachelor's degree.

Marketing Analyst
These professionals analyze internal and external aspects of the business to improve success. They'll work with multiple departments to develop optimized business strategies and practices.

The Digital Marketing Institute says Analysts and AI Specialists are some of the hottest marketing jobs, with salaries ranging between $65,000 to $162,000 a year.

IT Project Managers
According to, a computer science bachelor's degree could land you a computer or IT manager job. You would oversee the management of hardware, software and network security in an organization.

The salary is around $146,000 a year.

Jobs You Can Get with a Master's Degree

Some career paths require advanced training, and others require a master's degree. It's essential to ensure you have clear purposes and reasons for pursuing a master's degree, whether it be career growth or industry requirement.

Software Engineer
If you want to become a software engineer, you can get a Master of Science in Software Engineering. Software engineers can get highly skilled in building, designing, testing, and maintaining software, operating systems, and computer applications.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates the average income of software engineers to be around $110,140 annually.

Information Technology Director
The increase in cloud computing, information security and data storage has created a wide range of high-paying career opportunities for candidates with a Master of Science in Information Technology degree. This degree provides you develop an in-depth understanding of software development, business information systems, programming, networking, e-commerce, and more.

The average salary for an IT Director is between $174,000 - $214,878

Marketing Manager
Another master's degree that offers high-paying job opportunities is MBA in Marketing Management. If you earn this degree, you can find opportunities to run a business's marketing department.

As per the data by BLS, the average income in this profession is $133,380 annually in the U.S.

Computer Scientist
Computer science is a growing field and offers various areas of specialization like programming languages, artificial intelligence, or software engineering. If you earn a Master of Science in Computer Science Degree, you will gain knowledge in advanced computer languages and data algorithms. You will also learn to design and manage software, networks, security systems, and databases.

The national average salary of computer scientists in the U.S. is $108,944 annually.

Jobs You Can Get After Attending a Coding Bootcamp

College is only for some, and those with a four-year degree may not want to pursue another one. As coding bootcamps increase in popularity, they also provide paths to potential employment opportunities. Indeed lists 15 possible job opportunities that can come after attending a coding bootcamp, and they include:

• UI Designer Digital Marketer
• UX Designer
• Software Engineer
• Data Scientist
• DevOps
• Web Developer
• Data Analyst

According to CourseReport, coding bootcamp graduates tend to earn an average of $69,079 in their first job and almost $100,000 a year after working for three years.

In fact, you can read some of the success stories from Thinkful Bootcamp Students.

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