When you think data analytics, do grey cubicles and stressed stock market brokers come to mind? Think of your favorite brand. There’s a good chance that behind the scenes, data analysts are helping things run smoothly. Everything from the roadways you drive on to your favorite fashion labels rely on data analytics to gain insight on how to improve processes and customer experience. As the field evolves and becomes more complex, data analysts are needed in virtually every industry. Study at Thinkful, and you could end up at one of the five super cool, perk-filled companies listed below.


Adidas prides themselves on changing people’s lives for the better through sport. If you’re working in data analytics at Adidas, you could help improve the shopping experience for loyal customers/sports fanatics. If you’ve seen ads in various places online, or the clothing item recommender on the site, it’s because analytics teams are pulling and aggregating the right data to entice you to buy products that meet your consumer profile. Being a data analyst at Adidas means you’ll experience world-class sports facilities at any work location – climbing walls, designated hiking trails, spin and yoga classes, and more.


Airbnb’s plethora of rental properties allow anyone to have the vacation of their dreams. Luckily, there’s always data analysts near by ensuring trust and safety. As a data analyst at Airbnb, you’ll be keeping customers free from fraud by analyzing rental property experience data and cutting down on any suspicious happenings– for example, locating and flagging illegitimate listings. At Airbnb, perks include lunch cooked by an on-site chef every day, $2000 in travel money every year, and rental-property styled conference rooms.


Ever wonder how Netflix seems to know exactly what you want to watch at the exact moment you want to watch it? Data analytics is the key ingredient to pulling off some of the best film suggestions that will keep people Netflix and Chillin’ for entire weekends. If you’re a data analyst at this streaming giant, you could measure viewer habits and provide insight to keep users to coming back for more content. Netflix values people over process, so you’ll be joining a company that encourages independent decision-making and avoids structured rules.


Basketball lovers know that in order to play a successful game and win, strategic analysis of the sport is key. As a data analyst in the NBA, you’d be responsible for acquiring clean, accurate data to put more fans in seats on game days. From marketing analysis of what content resonates with a specific team’s fans, all the way down to which foods are selling the best at home games, the NBA would have a hard time operating without data analytics. At the NBA, you’ll find perks like tickets to NBA, WNBA, and NBA G League games, and an organization that values intensity, integrity, and play.


If you’re a music lover, there’s a chance you love Spotify. If you’ve ever thought about how the app knows what songs or artists to suggest next, it’s because of data analytics. Spotify data analysts determine what to play next, the curation of playlists, and how to make the music streaming app more enjoyable for every listener. Working at Spotify means you could be the next curator of New Music Friday or Fresh Finds, all while enjoying mini concerts at the office.

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