Cherie had reached a point in her career as a Marketing Director when she realized that marketing no longer satisfied her ambitions. She wanted to help more people, and knew that she could accomplish that by  pursuing a career in creating beautiful, accessible designs.

Eager to get started, Cherie enrolled  in UX/UI Design. We asked her what made her choose the UX path, and why she went with Thinkful's curriculum.

Why did you end up choosing Thinkful?

I  wanted a career change that allowed me to help others more than I could  with just my marketing skills, so I chose to learn design. I wanted a flexible program that would also hold me accountable for the work — I  needed guidance and structure. So I’m happy that Thinkful's mentor-based UX/UI Design course incorporates both!

How did Thinkful impact your career and life?

Thinkful allowed me to challenge myself. I got the confidence back that I lost  somewhere along the way. The rigorous curriculum tested my patience, and  made me think in ways I hadn’t thought in before.

Going back to school  was a much more enjoyable experience with Thinkful. I received constructive criticism in a way that could only improve my skills and help me become a better  designer. And now I’m a UX/UI Designer at an international strategic design firm.

What was your favorite part of the curriculum?

The  people are my favorite. The staff is so patient and amazing —  you can easily see how much they want their students to succeed. Also, the community of students were influential and motivational; we always  supported each other.

Tell us about your favorite project. What was it?

My  favorite project was the cloud storage app I created. Although after  completing the project I saw a million things I’d change, it was the  first project I completed from the very beginning to the end. It was a  major accomplishment for me!

The entire project process was like putting together pieces of a puzzle from my learning experience. I  enjoyed seeing it come together.

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