Determined  to switch to a career that fused her interests of design and  problem-solving, Katie looked for a flexible education program that would kick-start her transition. She chose our UX/UI Design bootcamp so that she could continue to work full-time while learning.

After gaining new skills and greater confidence, Katie landed a job as a UX/UI  Designer at digital creative agency in Washington, DC. We found out more about what inspired her to enroll and pursue a whole new career in UX design.

Tell us: what were you doing before Thinkful?

When I graduated from college, I was interested in a potential career in  law. I accepted a two-year position as a paralegal, and quickly realized  it was not the right field for me. I enjoyed the research and  problem-solving, but I was missing a creative outlet. In search of a  more creative profession, I was drawn to marketing and design.

So  before Thinkful, I was a Marketing & Communications Associate at a  private school in the D.C. area. I designed print and electronic  marketing collateral, managed social media accounts, and worked with  some amazing people; however, something was missing.

Why did you end up enrolling?

After moving to the D.C. area for the marketing & communications role, I  became interested in UX/UI design, thinking that it might fuse my love  of problem-solving with my interest in design.

Thinkful was a great option for me since I wasn’t able to take time off of work to attend a design program full-time.

What was your favorite part of the curriculum?

I  really enjoyed the Front End Foundations section. I knew some code  going into the program, but I became much more comfortable with CSS  after this part in the program.

When it came time to code my design  portfolio, I was amazed by how far I had come.

How did Thinkful impact your career and life?

About  two years ago, I felt discouraged. I was interested in UX/UI design but  wasn’t sure how to proceed with a career change. Thinkful gave me the  skills and the confidence to change careers, and my life has already  been positively impacted. I’m happier, more excited for the future, and  ready to take on new challenges!

Signing  up for UX/UI Design was one of the best decisions I’ve made.  It was challenging — I was studying after work and on weekends for about  a year and a half — but it was so rewarding. Thinkful helped me review  design fundamentals, learn new skills, become proficient in HTML/CSS,  and, above all, helped me land a new job!

My wife is in the tech industry as well (an engineer), so we’re excited to  have shared career interests. I’m looking forward to this next chapter!

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