Carlos was a Product Designer who was mesmerized by what could be created with  code. He picked up coding on his own, but realized he needed a more  structured path to achieve his goal of becoming a professional Web Developer.

This led him to enroll in our mentor-based Software Engineering course. Here's his story about why he pursued a web development career, and chose Thinkful to get him there.

Tell us: what were you doing before Thinkful?

I was a Lead Product Designer.

Why did you end up enrolling?

In  my first web design class, I found myself mesmerized by what could be  achieve by code. When I was working as a web designer at an agency, I  started to work closer with the developers on the team. My love for  programming grew, so I started to learn on my own.

However, I realized  that I needed a structured path to achieve my goals, which led me to Thinkful's mentor-based web-development course. Since then, I’ve been  building applications with React and Node.js!

How did Thinkful impact your career and life?

I  have always dreamed of being able to build an application that I have  designed. Now, the sky is the limit. Thinkful gave me the tools, resources,  knowledge, and problem-solving skills for me to succeed in this field as  a Front-End Developer.

What was your favorite part of the curriculum?

Having  a mentor (shoutout to Cory Trimm!); someone to guide me, show me the best practices and give me advice from personal experience.

If you're feeling inspired, learn more about our Software Engineering course, offered in both part-time and full-time formats. Or start out by getting all the details on full-stack developer jobs: find out what they entail, and how to get hired.

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