Running operations for a luxury retail brand is no easy feat. To be successful,  you need people skills, mental dexterity, and business chops.

Before changing careers, Misa managed operations for Chanel. That experience  was formative. Surrounded by some of the sharpest minds in fashion, she  figured out that what she really wanted to be — a creative tech  professional. To develop the design and tech skills necessary to  make that transition, she enrolled in our UX/UI Design course. Now, she's a UX/UI Designer at the e-commerce fashion company that owns Fabletics.

Tell us: what were you doing before you enrolled?

I was an Operations Manager at Chanel, Bloomingdales.

Why did you end up enrolling with Thinkful?

I saw a need for solving problems through design and technology, and I wanted to have those skills.

Enrolling  was a decision I made after extensive research on the similarities and differences between the various bootcamps out there. Thinkful was flexible, remote, and even gave me a scholarship! The experience was everything and more.

How did Thinkful impact your career and life?

For starters, I’m finally on a career path I’ve always wanted to go down — becoming a creative and technical professional.

I’ll  be making a much higher salary than I did before, and I hope to become a  leader in managing my own UX team one day. I also now speak at design  conferences!

What was your favorite part of the curriculum?

My favorite parts of the course were the Daily Design Critiques and my mentor sessions.

Tell us about your favorite project. What was it?

My favorite project is Lure!  It’s a beauty service search and booking application. I had a complete  UX iterative process from research to design, and even coded a landing  page for it!

If you're looking to enter a creative field that challenges you, then you can become a UX designer - even with no previous coding or design experience. Schedule a call with an Admissions Representative and we'll help you choose the right track for your career goals.

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