So you think you’re ready to become a web developer? (You’re probably right.) Now, your task becomes finding the right coding bootcamp. Web development isn’t a skill you learn overnight; but it’s also not something that necessarily takes years of intensive academic commitment either.

The Thinkful approach to web development education offers three different learning tracks to suit your lifestyle. The busier you are - i.e. the more professional, family or personal demands you have on your time, the more flexible you’ll need your coding bootcamp to be. That’s why our Full Stack Flex track is a fantastic choice for people who are ready to dive in full throttle, but also know a rigid class schedule (nights and weekends) doesn’t fit their groove.

What You’ll Learn

There’s more to being a web developer than HTML, but that’s where we’ll start. Full Stack Flex also covers topics like:

The course page on our website houses a more complete picture of the Full Stack Flex coding bootcamp syllabus. Check it out!

What this Coding Bootcamp Requires from You

There’s no need to quit your day job when it comes to Full Stack Flex; though you will need to get ready for about six months of intensive study. During this period, you’ll dedicate 20 to 30 hours per week to learning at your own pace, meeting with your mentor, and teaming up on projects with fellow coders.

The good news is you’ll be web dev career-ready when you finish this bootcamp. More good news: You can position those 20 to 30 hours any way that works for YOU. Early risers might like to get a jump on their studies before hitting the gym or heading to work; night owls can put in the hours after the sun has set.

What’s Included

As with other Thinkful programs, Full Stack Flex offers these exclusive benefits:

The next step for aspiring web developers is to apply online. Your application is not a commitment to take the course, but it will help you start a conversation with Thinkful to find out if Full Stack Flex is right for your lifestyle and your future.

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