GitHub is an essential part every developer’s toolbox, and today, they’ve chosen Thinkful to be part of theirs. The GitHub Student Developer Pack helps aspiring young programmers get experience with real, professional tools that they can use to build a software development career. We’re proud to be the first school included in the program.

Students who redeem the Pack at Thinkful will be enrolled for a two week Fundamentals of Web Development course. Students will be paired with a professional developer from our community for 1-on-1 mentorship. This course is open to beginners and prepares students for Thinkful’s Web Development Bootcamp, which can be taken at a 4-month Full Time pace and the 6-month Flexible pace.

If you’re a total beginner, Fundamentals of Web Development will show you the ropes, and hopefully inspire you to change your major or career to become a programmer. If you’re a CS major and have already begun some coding it’s a great way to gain more experience with web development.

The syllabus

The topics include HTML, CSS, jQuery, Git & GitHub (of course!), AJAX and more. But you can get a curriculum or tutorials anywhere. What you’re really getting is the opportunity to learn that from a Thinkful mentor 1-on-1. Students who learn from mentors perform better than 98% of students who learn in a classroom – and we’ve seen that happen for over 7,000 students.

You’ll also join our Slack community where you can get help from and talk with with thousands of students and mentors. Finally, you’ll also be invited to attend 30+ hours each week of mentor-led Q&A Sessions, where you can ask questions in a small group setting.

In other words, this is way more than just a way to learn the Fundamentals of Web Development. It’s membership in a community of coders, with 1-on-1 mentorship that will help you learn more, faster.

Get your career going right out of school

You might be worried about getting a job right out of school, especially if you have a ton of debt. Typical CS curricula focus on theory and neglect practical web development, which might slow down that first job hunt.

If you’re a humanities student, you might be well educated by not have any “hard skills.” Well, you can learn them. You can keep the arts or humanities major that you love and learn how to become a software developer in your free time. Musicians and writers make excellent programmers.

Now, all of these are just words. It’s best to learn by coding, so get started and meet your mentor!

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