Our goal is to get 100% of job-seeking graduates placed into a high quality development position. In order to meet that promise we need to be clear with students, and with ourselves, about what “graduation” means.

To graduate from the Web Development Bootcamp each student must:

1. Complete 4 portfolio projects. Each project must:

2. Publish a working draft of their portfolio to the web. This doesn’t need to be “complete”, but it does need to include:

3. Receive a recommendation from their mentor. To vouch for a student, mentors consider things like:

4. Engage with career services throughout your course. Specifically this means:

So far, every student who’s followed through on their commitment to the program has graduated within seven months. The average time to graduation has been 4.5 months. Some students choose to start looking for a job before they graduate, and in some cases have landed a job as quickly as their third month into the course. 

When a student lands a job as a software engineer before meeting the graduation criteria, they often choose to stop taking the course. We automatically count them as graduates because they’ve accomplished what they set out to do with us.

To find out more about how Web Development can help you accomplish your goals, contact benjy@thinkful.com.  

-Derek Fogge, Web Development Bootcamp Program Manager

Launch a career in web development. Get a job, or get your tuition back.

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