Companies of all sizes rely on smart marketing strategies to succeed. And when the C suite needs to know more about their target demographic, where their ad dollars are going, and how they stack up against the competition, they turn to the marketing team.

Marketing jobs are exciting, challenging, rewarding - and most importantly, on the rise. As of January 2020, there were 30,608 positions advertised nationwide on Glassdoor.

And it’s clear why they’re in such high demand: digital marketers interpret data, bring the brand to life, and discover new ways to help the company stand out from the competition. But with a steady rise in new social platforms, more detailed user data, and robust analytics tools, employers are looking for a very specific set of skills to complete their marketing department.

That's why we're thrilled to announce the latest addition to our course offerings: Digital Marketing Flex.

Who Should Take This Course

Digital Marketing Flex is ideal for anyone who is:

Whether you’ve dabbled with Facebook Ads and Google Analytics and you’re motivated to get the next promotion, or you’re hoping to transition from a different field into a high-dollar marketing career - Digital Marketing Flex will give you the skills, confidence, and portfolio you need to take the next step. And all in only three months.

What You'll Learn

This course will introduce you to the principles of marketing and branding. You’ll complete projects that reflect the real-life problems and scenarios you’ll face in the marketing world - all while using industry-standard tools to create, publish, and analyze the results of your work.

For a deep-dive into the course tools and outline, check out our Digital Marketing Flex curriculum.

How You'll Learn


The beauty of this course is that you’re able to study and attend classes based on what fits your needs. Learn from anywhere that has (reliable) wifi.

Flexible Schedule

Complete this part-time course on your schedule, finishing all course-work in only three months.

Real-world Projects

You'll work on a handful of capstone projects that will help translate complex skills into interview-relevant work.

Course Benefits

One-on-One Mentorship

The course is online, but you won’t be alone. You’ll have a skilled marketing professional helping you every step of the way. Through weekly one-on-one sessions, your mentor will answer questions, help you troubleshoot problems, and give you a real-world marketing perspective.

Career Coaching

Our career coaches are dedicated to finding you a new career that matches your passions and skills. Learn job searching tips, interview skills, create your marketing portfolio, and more.

Job Placement Assistance

We’re committed to launching your marketing career. We’ll help you find the right position, with a company that needs your digital marketing expertise.

In select cities, students can take advantage of our tuition refund policy: if you don't land a qualifying position in tech within six months of graduation, you get your money back. Seriously.

Our Income Share Agreement

If the cost of the course is a challenge, you can start our program with no upfront payment. Only pay back your tuition once you land a new career in digital marketing.

Networking & Community

Throughout the course, you’ll have an online community of cohorts to offer feedback and encouragement. We’ll help you expand your local network and develop connections with key contacts in the marketing industry.

Ready to take the next step and join the world’s next workforce with a digital marketing career? Find out more about our curriculum, and apply now to get started.

Launch Your Digital Marketing Career

Learn the technical skills needed to build an audience, create a brand, and drive sales. Study with a flexible, online schedule, a personal mentor, and peer groups.

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