Design experts bring company ideas to life via experiences, products, and visualizations. Everything you see on the internet was created by a successful UX/UI designer. Yes, even this blog page. With Thinkful’s new UX/UI Design course, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to design beautiful and beneficial digital experiences for a wide range of users.

There are a myriad of skills required to excel in this field. UX or user experience focuses on the actual user functionality of a digital product. UI or user interface covers how customers feel when consuming a product. UX/UI designers not only have creative and artistic skills, they also understand various design principles that help products sell and meet company goals. You’ll be at the intersection of artistic design and user engagement strategy.

Who this course is for

UX/UI is great for people who aren't afraid to use both sides of their brain. The course is for anyone ready to take on the creative and business strategy sides of how users consume digital products. If you've ever wondered why a website looks great but is hard to use, or grumbled at an ugly design layout, this is for you.

What you’ll learn

UX/UI Design Fundamentals: You’ll learn best practices in the full cycle of the design process and how to design your first product. Gain knowledge around the design field so that you can start to analyze, evaluate and define solutions.

UX Research: Understand the industry standards for data collection, and quantitative and qualitative analysis. You’ll use these insights to make decisions on the best designs to use for specific use cases and channels.

Databases and SQL: Become fluent in extracting and manipulating data from a database using SQL. You’ll become skilled in working with relational databases and basic querying to be able to source accurate, clean data.

Web Design & Visual Design: Get the ability to use various front end programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Everything you’ll learn – branding, usability, and accessibility – will help you stand out in the industry.

Design with a team: You’ll get insider knowledge on how a UX/UI designer fits within different types of companies and how to collaborate and communicate as a member of a team.

How you’ll learn


Study while you’re in a coffee shop or study right after you do some laundry at the house. Learn from anywhere that has good wifi.

A Flexible Schedule

Finish the course in just six months with a 20-25 hour a week commitment.

Real-world Projects

You’ll know what the workplace is like and you’ll win jobs with a new portfolio of real projects. Show off your professional skills by letting employers know what you’re made of.

Course Benefits

One-on-One Mentorship

You can go alone, or you soar together. A skilled UX/UI design professional will help you every step of the journey.

Career Coaching

Career coaches are your personal career cheerleaders. Get dedicated resume writing help, networking tips, employer introductions, and more.

Our Job Placement Guarantee

Don't land a qualifying position in tech within six months of graduation? You get your money back. We’re not kidding.

Our Income Share Agreement

Join our program with zero upfront costs. That means, pay back your tuition only once you start that new UX design career.

Art by Jay Quercia and Abbie Winters.

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