Interested in Data Analytics? Previously, we took at look at what you’ll learn in our five-month, intense online course. Now, we’re going to dive into the lucrative, high-paying career paths you might find yourself on once you’ve graduated.

Data analysts gather and clean data sets, and perform special algorithmic calculations in order to glean crucial information from numbers. Our Data Analytics Immersion course is designed to help you unlock these skills, and join the world’s next workforce.

As a data analyst, your core focus will be math, statistics, algorithms, and data communication. You’ll lead the charge in providing analysis to senior leadership in order to steer the business in the right direction.

Math, Statistics & Algorithms
If you were a data analyst for Hilton, your life would consist of numbers, charts, and (possibly) poolside meetings. You’ll need hardcore stats skills to analyze the 3 billion travelers that have visited a Hilton property around the world. You could be tasked with aggregating that data and pulling themes and inferences as to why certain travelers never upgrade their rooms or check out the spa. As a data analyst, you have the power to run various algorithmic equations to find the answers you need to better improve customer experience and ultimately, bottom line revenue. According to Glassdoor, salary ranges for data analysts at Hilton are between $62.8k and $127k a year––plus all employees are eligible for discounts on hotel stays across America. Nice perk!

Data Communication
As a data analyst, pulling data and creating dashboard charts is not where your job stops. If you worked with Make a Wish Foundation, you’d have to communicate your findings to the appropriate business leaders at the company. For instance, you could be the one to pull information on where most of the top wishes are referred and activated, and then present your findings to the board of directors. If you found that the location of wish referrals had no correlation to a raise in costs based on the location of wish activations, you could argue that the foundation should encourage more kids to not limit their life changing wish to the parameters of their neighborhood. Glassdoor says that analysts here can expect to make upwards of $57k – plus all the feel good vibes of helping young kids realize their dreams.

Art by Jay Quercia.

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