We feel strongly that you should be able to change careers at any time in your life. No matter what your current financial circumstances might be, we want you to feel confident enrolling in a life-changing education without going into debt.

So we’ve created a variety of payment options to meet the different needs of our students. Here’s an introduction to our payment plans so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Pay Upfront

If you're able, you have the option to pay for any program through  an upfront lump sum. This is the most cost-effective payment option. The cost for each program varies, and can be found on the individual program page.

Month to Month

Split your tuition into set monthly payments. For month to month payments, it's important to pay on time so you don't lose your place in the program.  

Deferred Tuition

With this payment plan, you can start learning with $0 upfront and pay only when you're hired. When you do start paying back your tuition costs, you'll owe fixed, monthly fees that are not tied to your income. So you’ll know exactly what you’ll  owe from day one.

Check out our article on Deferred Tuition for more detail about how it works, and estimates on how much you'll end up paying for different programs. We offer our Deferred Tuition loan through Ascent.

Deferred Tuition with Living Expenses (Full-Time Programs)

All the benefits of Deferred Tuition, plus an extra loan of $1,500 per month while you study full-time to help cover the bills.

Jump into your program with $0 upfront, and use the monthly $1,500 loan to pay for rent, groceries, child care, or a range of other essential expenses while you focus on learing. When you graduate and are making at least $40k, you'll start to pay back the tuition cost and Living Expenses loan.

If it sounds like this payment option is right for you, read up on the benefits and how to apply.  

Income Share Agreement

We realize that the cost of our programs could pose a financial challenge for many of our students. That’s why we created our income share agreement (ISA), allowing you to get the skills you need without paying anything upfront. There’s no cost unless you’re hired.  

If you choose to take advantage of the ISA, you’ll be able to take the entire program without making a payment.

On average, most Thinkful grads increase their salary by $20k. Once you're hired and making at least $40,000, you’ll pay us 15% of your gross income. The time period of repayment varies by program. The ISA does not gain interest, and every program has a payment maximum.

ISA + Living Stipend (Select Full-Time Programs)

If you commit to learning full-time, it might be difficult to pay for day-to-day expenses. That’s where our living stipend comes in: a $1,500 monthly payment to cover the bills while you take any of the following full-time programs: Data Analytics, Software Engineering, Data Science, or Technical Project Management.

Use the stipend to cover basic living expenses like groceries, child care or rent. It can’t be used to pay down debt or for auxiliary expenses. The living stipend is paired with an ISA and cannot be used with any other payment options.

Once you get a job paying at least $40,000, you’ll pay us 15% of your income. The period of repayment varies by program. The living stipend does not gain interest.


In support of our mission to make tech careers accessible to everyone, we offer $200-500 discounts for women, non-binary individuals and military veterans. Discount amounts vary by program; ask your Admissions Rep for details if you fall into any of these categories.

What Next?

Our Admissions Representatives are ready to help you with any questions you may have. If you haven’t already scheduled a call, let’s find some time to talk about your career goals.  

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