Are Income Share Agreements right for me?

Students can fund an education three ways: paying upfront, taking out traditional loans, or increasingly, by taking part in ISAs. Given how new ISAs are, we work with every student to weigh the tradeoffs between each payment plan. The core advantage of funding an education

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Understanding Income Share Agreements (ISAs): A Glossary of Key Terms

To help students understand ISAs, we've created this glossary of the key terms in every ISA agreement. On an ISA, you pay a fixed share of your income over a set period of time instead of paying upfront or using debt. Unlike with a loan,

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Transparency in outcomes: Thinkful’s 2nd CIRR report.

We’re proud to release our second Council on Integrity in Results Reporting (CIRR) Outcomes Report to cover both of our bootcamp programs. First, Thinkful’s Flexible Web Development Bootcamp— still the only part-time program in CIRR. This report covers students who enrolled between July

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Pay only when you get a job.

Thinkful has always focused on aligning our success with our students. Two years ago we introduced audited student outcome reports and to this day we’re the only school that updates them every month. Then we began providing tuition reimbursement for students who didn’t

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The magic of true names

Reading Hacker News today I ran across a beautiful exchange describing a concept I've struggled to explain before: ...A few probability distributions can be expressed in terms of a Pólya urn... Thank you! Sometimes the hardest thing is knowing what to google! https://en.wikipedia.

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