A big step towards transparency in coding education

Transparency builds trust. Four years ago the earliest adopters of job placement schools were risk-taking pioneers – trusting their tuition dollars without proof of efficacy. Today every good school publishes data on how their students perform, but, as I wrote a year ago, that’s really

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Top 30 U.S. Cities to Start a Web Development Career

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the Web Development industry will grow 27% by 2024. In our daily lives, we all see and feel that growth happening, with new apps and online services popping up every day. It’s easy to assume

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Student Project Interview: Tim Paik - Lookitup

Two months into his web development journey, Tim completed Lookitup: a website that allows you to search words and phrases in their full context using the dictionary, Wikipedia, and YouTube. It got quite popular with the Thinkful community!Learning to program isn’t easy, let

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This Week's Featured Student Projects

Thinkful students continue to make awesome projects! Check out what a few of them came up with last week.GIVRWant to find ways to help out in your community? With Zak’s Givr App, you can find local nonprofits by simply entering your zip code.

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GitHub Adds Thinkful to Student Developer Pack

GitHub is an essential part every developer’s toolbox, and today, they’ve chosen Thinkful to be part of theirs. The GitHub Student Developer Pack helps aspiring young programmers get experience with real, professional tools that they can use to build a software development career.

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