What programming language should you learn according to your state?

Using’s lovely API, I pulled the top 5 most common job listings based on programming languages. I selected these 20 languages based on the TIOBE Index. This is meant to help you understand what programming languages are in demand in your state

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Learn to code: programming hacks for marketers

Programmers aren’t the only people who should be coding at work. There are quite a few opportunities for you to incorporate coding into your workflow to speed things up. With these tricks not only will you be able to start learning how to code

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Learn to code in LA with these coding meetups

The Los Angeles tech scene is rapidly growing with a combination of great coding meetups teaching people how to code and startups that are looking to hire new junior devs. While there are plenty of startups in the LA area, some notable ones that you

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A big step towards transparency in coding education

Update as of April 6, 2017: CIRR has published the full stats for Thinkful and every participating school. We've reproduced them at the conclusion of this blog post. Transparency builds trust. Four years ago the earliest adopters of job placement schools were risk-taking pioneers – trusting

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Four Years of Sharing Risk with Students

What happens if a student invests in their education but it doesn’t help them grow their career? Today, students bear the downside risk entirely on their own. Spend $100,000 on your education and you’re on the hook for $100,000 plus interest,

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