Product design is the process of conceptualizing and building a product that solves a problem or addresses a specific customer need. Product design techniques can also be applied to existing products in order to improve functionality, reduce costs, and add new features.

The product design process involves identifying customer problems, researching competitors and markets, developing ideas, designing solutions, and launching the product into the market. Designers iterate by performing product testing and listening to customer feedback. In order to remain on-trend throughout the entire product life-cycle, a product designer must also keep their ear to the ground and stay in touch with ever-changing consumer markets.

If you’re a creative person with a passion for design, this article will help you choose the right course to kickstart your career. You’ll also gain valuable insight into the many product design career options out there.

The Difference Between Product Design and Product Development

Product design is specifically concerned with the styling and look of the product, together with how well it performs its function. Designers use their engineering skills to select materials and components to make the product functional, affordable, and attractive to users.

Product design is a subset of the entire product development process. Product designers aren’t responsible for the manufacturing and testing of the product and report to the product development team for approval. A product design team consists of illustrators, interaction designers, and UX designers.

Product development refers to the entire process of creating a new product. Product development includes identifying market opportunities, costing, manufacturing, testing, marketing, launching, and upgrading the product. Whether the product is a simple item like a book or a screwdriver or a more complex item like a computer or a car, the product development process is the same.

Product development goes beyond the design and creative realm to cover budgeting, costing, sales, and testing. Unlike a design team, a development team includes marketers, manufacturers, engineers, and sales staff.

Career Opportunities in Product Design

If you’re interested in product design, there are various career options available to you, offering excellent job prospects and above-average salaries. Here are just some of the reasons why working in product design is a great choice:

Skills Required to Become a Successful Product Designer

Good product design requires a range of different skills and experience. Here’s a list of what’s required for a successful career in product design:

Product designers also deal with cloud environments that require the storage of technical information.

Product Design Courses

If you want to learn core product design skills and stand out from the crowd, online learning platforms are a great way to kickstart your career. We have put together a list of courses to get you started:

  1. Thinkful’s UX/UI Design Bootcamp New Product Development Program

This online program has been designed to give you a holistic introduction to UX design. You’ll learn to plan out the flow of a website or app using wireframes, collaborate with others on your design team, and turn your artistic vision into a beautiful and functional website.

Throughout this UX design course, you’ll partner with a personal mentor who’s experienced in UX design. The curriculum is paired with career coaching, interview prep and resume assistance. You’ll graduate with an impressive portfolio that demonstrates your full range of design skills.

2. Innovation Through Design: Think, Make, Break, Repeat

Ideal for those curious about design, you’ll learn the tools and techniques used to create innovative products in this course from the University of Sydney. This online curriculum will train you how to use design as a way of thinking. Taught by industry leaders, you’ll explore, apply, and practice the fundamental design process: think, make, break, and repeat.

3. Thinkful’s Product Management Bootcamp

The product management bootcamp has been developed by leading industry professionals and will teach you everything you need to get started in this space. Learn how to manage product life-cycles, think and speak like a product manager, and build amazing products from start to finish.

If you’re a creative individual with a keen interest in design, this course is perfect for you. No previous experience is required and you’ll be assigned a personal mentor that’ll support you throughout the study program.

4. Online Course: Culture Sensitive Design

An online course offered by TU Delft, Cultural sensitivity and understanding is a hot topic in modern product design. This program is great for professionals that want to gain insight into the relevance of culture in their work. You’ll learn how to study, examine, and apply cultural aspects to your designs.

5. Online Course: Vision in Product Design

If you want to learn how to incorporate your personal vision for the future into your product, this interactive course from TU Delft is perfect. The course combines short lectures from industry experts, practical exercises, webinars, and individualized feedback.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to deconstruct an existing product or service on three levels: product, interaction, and context, and you’ll be able to create a future design context for products.

Your Future Career in Product Design

That concludes our list of product design courses. We hope this article helped you in your future career direction. Remember that as a product designer, you must manage the design process every step of the way. From market research and idea generation to specification and concept development. By doing so, you have the chance to improve the lives of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people that use your product. It can be immensely rewarding and few other jobs bring as much satisfaction.

To learn more about product design and management, check out our blog. You might be interested in Who Should Pursue A Product Management Career?, where our industry expert shares his perspective and provides real insight into the world of product design. And if you’re curious about the differences between product design and UX design, we’ve got answers.

Whether you choose to focus on UX design, product management or even software engineering, you’ve got a future in tech.

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