You consider yourself to be creative, strategic...a real visionary when it comes to how a typical Internet experience should unfold. You also want a lucrative job in tech. What to do?

Rather than becoming a web developer or data pro at Thinkful in one of our flexible, mentored programs -- with your future job backed by our tuition-back guarantee, creatives can opt for another path. Become a product or user experience (UX) designer with Thinkful’s Product Design Flex career advancement program. You’ll get all the same program and career support, as well as the promise that you’ll get a job in product / UX design or your tuition is free.

What You’ll Learn

Sure, there’s more to Web and digital product design than pretty pictures; and that’s what product and UX designers create. They work to make sure digital product audiences (using consumer-facing websites or internal-facing tools) can find what they need, when and where they need it. In particular, Product Design Flex focuses on:

During this course, you’ll build a portfolio of design work to showcase your talent and skills to potential employers -- from our employer network and beyond. The course page on our website houses the full Product Design Flex career advancement course syllabus. Check it out!

What this Career Program Requires from You

There’s no need to quit your day job in order to enroll in Product Design Flex; though you will need to get ready for about six months of intensive study. You’ll dedicate 20 to 30 hours per week to learning at your own pace, meeting with your mentor, and teaming up on projects with fellow designers.

The good news is you’ll be product and UX design career-ready when you finish the program. More good news: You can allocate those 20 to 30 hours any way that works for YOU: morning, noon or night.

What’s Included

As with other Thinkful programs, Product Design Flex offers these exclusive Thinkful benefits:

The next step for aspiring product and UX designers is to apply online. Your application is not a commitment to take the course, but it will help you start a conversation with Thinkful to find out if Product Design Flex is right for your abilities, your happiness and your future.

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