Whoever said you can’t go through life looking for shortcuts clearly had a lot of time on their hands. Nothing about doing a task faster negates the accomplishment of learning a new technical skill––or stops you from landing a dream job.

In Alt+Route, we’re celebrating intellectual curiosity AND brevity. For product designers, knowing the right Mac shortcuts for a popular design tool like Sketch, can save you time (and money). This week, we’re kicking things off with Sketch shortcuts that every speedy, successful designer should know.

Here are the top ten Sketch shortcuts:

Activate Color Picker

⌃ C

Copy/paste Layer Style

⌥ ⌘ C/V

Expand/Contract by 1px

⌘ → or ↓


⌘ G



Presentation Mode

⌘ .

Scale Layer

⌘ K

Select layer within group

⌘ Click

Text Tool


Zoom to all elements on Canvas

⌘ 1

Did you find this Sketch shortcut guide useful? Check back on the blog for more Alt+ Route shortcuts you should know.

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