Learning from experience is great, but learning from the experience of others can be even better. Following shared resources from authors and blogs can give you inspiration and a roadmap for your career. After all, why make your own mistakes when you can learn from those who have gone before you?

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Top Product Management Blogs to Read

Whether you’re an aspiring product manager or already working in the field, having a great source of industry-relevant news and updates from across the web is essential. That’s why blogs are a valuable resource for insights into the day-to-day workings, events, and trends of product management.

Product Talk: This popular blog was created by product discovery coach Teresa Torres. It’s a helpful resource for product managers, and also has plenty of valuable content for UX designers. It’s designed to help readers adopt user-driven product development practices and strategies. Teresa focuses on data-informed decision making, which can impact the whole process of product development. It aims to help product managers to understand the needs of customers better, which in turn helps to create great products by incorporating experimentation and innovation into the design and management procedure. Interviewing tips, rapid prototyping, and user research are some of the other areas that this blog deals with in detail.

Mind the Product: This podcast will help you get to know the latest developments and trends from around the world. You’ll discover nuances in the field through member discussions and news, particularly in respect of national and geographical factors. The blog is a great resource for sharing ideas and problems with other members, allowing you to learn from the successes and mistakes of their experiences.

The Clever PM: The reputation of experienced product manager Cliff Gilley precedes is already known throughout the product management community. No matter what stage of your career you’re in, this blog has something to offer everyone.  There are two main focus points:

Apart from these, Gilley discusses the psychology and strategies that every organization should be across. As a product manager, you can learn about the dos and don’ts of leadership and decision-making in the field. The focus of the content makes it incredibly useful for those aspiring to build a career in product management.

Product Manager HQ: Product Manager HQ is one of the best blogs for budding product managers. It’s run by the team also behind the world’s largest online PM Slack community. You’ll find many articles written by industry experts, which can guide you through your initiation into the field. They have a popular course called “One Week PM”, which will teach you all about the fundamentals of product management over a short period. You’ll also get tips on finding side projects and jobs, and overall help with launching a career in this field. They have a job portal as well, which features job opportunities across the US.

Product Collective: This is another excellent product management community, with over 20,000 members. Their articles include a broad spectrum of current issues, so it’ll help you stay up to date with the latest news and events happening in the field. You can learn how to strategically build a product and how to collaborate with engineers and other team members to execute a plan. They also talk about some of the most debated topics, like MVP (minimum viable product). One of the best parts of this blog is that it incorporates humor with entertaining GIFs throughout their articles. This little touch of fun makes it stand out from other product management blogs.

Inside Intercom: This blog is known for its exceptional content. It’s a great resource for product managers, and it has a range of topics organized into categories, like Product Management, Customer Support, Design, Startups, and Sales and Marketing. You’ll find that the content is explained in-depth and includes good commentary. You can find out about all the latest trends and accurate predictions about upcoming trends as well. It’ll help you see things from a fresh perspective on product management as well as many other adjacent topics.

Ken Norton’s Blog: Ken Norton has made his mark on the field of product management with some of the most successful ventures with Google, like Google Calendar and Google Docs. He regularly publishes insightful posts and articles on his blog that can give you a glimpse into the thinking that has made his career such a success. Norton shares interesting articles, with titles like:

He shares his honest philosophies on this blog, which can be useful for anyone working in product management. He covers all the key aspects of the field, like planning, strategizing, prioritizing, and collaborating, as well as tips for hiring and interviewing.

Hacker Noon: Hacker Noon is one of the fastest growing product management communities online. You can read remarkably interesting, informative, and original articles that are useful for product managers, engineers, UX advocates, and many others involved in the tech field. Their diverse and experienced team regularly pen useful articles on a variety of topics. Recent topics include bitcoin, the future of cloud services, and lean product management. Most of the articles are written by staff members, but occasionally you’ll find pieces by industry experts outside of the internal talent pool.

The Department of Product: Primarily focused on pragmatic thinking and learning, this blog was created by seasoned product professionals for the benefit of other product professionals. You’ll find articles, resources, and perspectives to help product managers keep up with the current ever-evolving product management landscape.

Product Management Authors to Follow

Following prominent authors in your field can help you strategize and move forward with career decisions. Below is a list of inspiring personalities from the product management sphere that can offer useful insights for your professional development.

Eric Ries: Well-known author of The Lean Startup. You can follow his blog “Startup Lessons Learned”.

Andrew Chen: Although Chen works with Uber, he’s also an advisor to many popular companies and websites like AngelList, Dropbox, Kiva, Product Hunt, Tinder, and Gusto.

Derek Morrison: Learn from his experiences working as a product manager for the last 14 years. Read about his ideas, tips, and experiences on his blog “AllAboutProductManagement.blogspot.rs”.

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