If you’re a natural leader who can take ownership of projects, you’ll likely thrive in a product management career. From the initial idea, through production, launch, and to the maturity stage, you’ll own a product and drive it forward. You’ll need excellent research skills to understand the market and outmaneuver competitors.

Top product managers take calculated risks and reap the rewards. They can make the difference between a high flying, profitable company, and a struggling organization with no clear product goals.

There’s no fixed path to get started in this field. Some product professionals have a technical background while others are sales and marketing oriented. If you’re an aspiring product manager and not sure where to begin, read on.

We’ll explore the study options available, roles and responsibilities, average salary, and typical career path of a product manager. But let’s start by understanding some popular job titles in this space.

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Product Management Job Titles

Some of the most common product job titles that you’re likely to encounter in an organization include:

Your interests will help chart the trajectory of your career. For people that love solving customer problems and coming up with product ideas, you should start with a junior product management position. If you prefer managing people and see yourself building great teams, look for a more managerial role, and work towards a product director position.

Product Manager Responsibilities

Product management is a highly rewarding field that offers unique challenges on a daily basis. Here are some typical responsibilities of a product manager:

The success or failure of a new product rests on the shoulders of a product manager. You’ll need to create innovative products that not only achieve great launch sales but continue to deliver profits well into the future.

The Growing Demand for Product Managers

A career in product management provides excellent job prospects and job security. In the last two years, there’s been a 32% increase in product management jobs in the US. According to another study, product management was ranked 5th in a list of best jobs in the country.

Product managers also enjoy above-average salaries. Depending on your experience and the specific industry you’re working in, you can expect to earn up to $150,000 per year.

This incredible demand for product professionals is not just in the tech sector either. Companies across the board need talented product managers to push their businesses forward.

This can be attributed to the rise in e-commerce and the digital transformation of brick and mortar stores. Banks and credit card companies are also becoming more digital as they drive forward a range of online products and services.

You Next Step: How to Become a Product Manager

Here are a few ways to kickstart your product-based career:

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