If you’re involved in project management, either as a student or veteran of the game, you’ll know all about effective time management. Making the time to review industry trends, learn something new, or catch up on the latest PM-related news can sometimes be a challenge. This is where podcasts come in.

Unlike other resources, they don’t require your full attention so are perfect for background listening while multi-tasking other jobs. Podcasts can also be entertaining and great for kicking back and relaxing.

We’ve put together a list of excellent project management podcasts available online. But first, let’s look at why podcasts are a top resource for aspiring project managers.

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Why Download a Podcast?

If you're new to the world of podcasts, welcome. We love podcasts because they're accessible, and allow you to hear first-hand from others in the industry. If you need more convincing to turn off NPR and download a podcast instead, here are some other reasons this is our favorite medium.

Convenient – Whether you’re learning about the latest Scrum framework tools or listening to a project management case study, all you need is a smartphone and some earphones. They’re perfect for long drives, flight connections, household chores, gym sessions, or even during meals. You can effortlessly pause episodes and return to them later if needed, making them ideal for even the busiest project manager

Free – Most podcasts are available for free. You just need to decide which area of project management you want to focus on. There'll be several free podcasts on that topic waiting for you.

Accessible – Hosts follow an easy-to-understand conversational format. They make an effort to keep content engaging and snappy to not lose your attention. Whatever your level of experience there’s a podcast suitable for you. From beginner-friendly episodes to more technical podcasts for experienced PMs.

Educational – Project management requires a range of specialized skills and knowledge of certain tools and software. The industry is  fast-paced and new updates happen regularly. By following a podcast  you’ll improve your knowledge and stay on-trend with developments.

Insightful – Hosts  are usually from a project management background. They have real-life  experience working in the industry. They often share insightful stories  and accounts of their time in the field. You can learn from their mistakes. They’re also well equipped to ask the right questions and lead interesting discussions with expert guests.

Project Management Podcasts

Here’s a list of handpicked podcasts on project management. Perfect for keeping up with industry trends, news, education, and entertainment.

1. The Project Management Podcast

This one is perfect for beginners and experts alike. It’s hosted by Cornelius Fichtner and has over 400 episodes available on a wide range of project management subjects. Episodes are typically less than an hour in length and are categorized into beginner, expert, and career advice sections.

If you’re looking for PM strategies to make your business a success, then this podcast will give you plenty of ideas to think about. It also covers practical tips and strategies that you can apply in your project management methods. The Project Management Podcast features esteemed project managers every week who provide expert tips and real insight into the field.

This podcast is also great for you if you are preparing for the project management professional (PMP) certification exam.  

2. 5 Minutes Project Management Podcast

Ricardo Vargas is the host of the 5 Minutes Project Management Podcast. He lends his expertise to fields like project risk assessment, project management strategies, and leadership. Episodes are only 5-minutes long so you can fit them into your busy schedule. They’re perfect for listening to while taking a short break from work, or as part of your morning routine.

Episodes include:

3. Project Management Paradise

Project Management Paradise has been going strong for over 100 episodes. The podcast provides meaningful insights from a global pool of project management experts. It features interviews with special guests and covers topics like project management tools and software, time management, and different methods of project management.

The podcast is great for students and aims to tackle common problems for less experienced professionals. Whether you’re struggling with multiple projects running simultaneously or lack of project finances, Project Management Paradise will guide you through these challenges and provide expert solutions.

Some of the latest episodes include:

4. People and Projects Podcast

Hosted by Andy Kaufman, the People and Projects Podcasts has over 300 episodes. It features regular expert interviews that provide real-life insight into the PM role. Kaufman has an impressive background working in project management positions including the Director of Product Development at CCC Information Services and Vice President of U.S. Systems at Nielsen. This podcast gives you a multidimensional perspective on various aspects of project management. The topics covered include time management, dealing with bureaucracy, and how to motivate and influence your team.

Some popular episodes include:

5. Project Management Happy Hour

This podcast is hosted by Kim Essendrup and Kate Anderson. Essendrup is a PMP certified project manager and Anderson has over a decade of experience in project management. Their podcast has over 60 episodes covering specific problems related to project management including how to get started in a PM role, managing from home, and how money affects projects. These issues are discussed in detail with examples and real-life experiences.  

6. The Digital Project Managers Podcast

Hosted by Ben Aston, this resource is considered one of the best podcasts on project management. The accompanying website features additional articles, how-to guides, tutorials, and tools for project managers.

Some stand-out episodes include:

7. Manage This Podcast

Hosted by Andy Crowe and Bill Yates, this podcast includes interviews with industry experts and leaders. Both Crowe and Yates have a deep  knowledge of how to handle daily project operations and other best  practices of the field. You can learn how to deploy effective strategies in your role as a project manager through this podcast. If you're interested in project management certifications, then make sure you download Manage This Podcast. You'll not only learn the necessary information about the different certifications out there but also how to successfully pass them.

Episodes include:

8. The Biker PM

This podcast is hosted by Anthoney Pavelich. The focus is on interviews with successful business managers and entrepreneurs. These professionals appear as guests and discuss their journey of how they became successful leaders in  their field. They talk about the setbacks, challenges, failures, and  opportunities that they faced in their journey. The Biker PM is perfect for learning strategies from the experiences of others. You can use the insights to improve your own approach to project management. Episodes are generally less than 30 minutes and are released every two weeks.

9. The Lazy Project Manager

Hosted by Peter Taylor, The Lazy Project Manager focuses on improving productivity and motivating  project team members. The podcast was discontinued in July 2019 but  remains a top resource for project management professionals. Taylor has over 20 years of experience working in project management roles. He  is also the author of several PM books including The Lazy Project  Manager, The Project Manager Who Smiled, and The Social Project Manager. He brings amazing insight and knowledge to each episode. The show has a conversational format and includes regular guest interviews.

Episodes include:

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