With an average base pay of $84,755, project management is one of the highest-earning roles in tech: you’ll have plenty of responsibilities to juggle, but you’ll be recognized for it. Those who can unite marketing, IT and engineering behind the same goals while deftly supporting all of their progress in software tools like Basecamp can look forward to an impressive salary and benefits.

Interested? Read on for some stats to help you predict your potential salary range once you’ve started your career in this growing tech field.

Average Project Manager Salaries

Here are the average salaries you can expect if you achieve some of the most common titles in project management, courtesy of Glassdoor:

Roles specific to IT or software engineering tend to bring in higher salaries. Our course covers the specialized technical knowledge, like web development terminology, IT infrastructure and data analysis, that increases your earning potential.

Leadership Skills Will Be Rewarded

Even with less than a year of work experience under your belt, you can start off making up to $82,102.

And the intangible benefits add up, too. Throughout your project management career, you’ll hone many of the skills that make great department heads, VPs and even CEOs. Once you’ve had several years of experience motivating teams, building trust across departments, overseeing budgets and reacting quickly to challenges, you’ll be in an excellent position to move up the ladder.

The corner office awaits, if you so choose.

Highest Paying Cities for Project Management

Fortunately, tech positions are in high demand across the country. But according to Indeed.com, those lucky enough to live in any of these cities can expect the highest project management salary:

  1. Los Angeles, CA - $101,825
  2. Washington, DC - $99,446
  3. Houston, TX - $98,264
  4. Charlotte, NC - $94,462
  5. Atlanta, GA - $90,939

Even if your hometown didn’t make the cut, there’s no need to start packing boxes and browsing Zillow just yet. We’re committed to helping our students achieve the highest salary potential in your field, wherever you call home.

Project Manager Salaries by State

Check out the average salary for your state as a point of reference. Keep in mind that a “project manager” title includes entry-level roles, all the way up to those with several years of experience.

Alabama - $66,385

Alaska - $82,688

Arizona - $78,135

Arkansas - $72,372

California - $101,087

Colorado - $79,341

Connecticut - $82,297

Delaware - $65,736

Florida - $75,127

Georgia - $80,796

Hawaii - $88,804

Idaho - $68,079

Illinois - $83,837

Indiana - $71,922

Iowa - $69,423

Kansas - $78,867

Kentucky - $69,937

Louisiana - $81,216

Maine - $68,622

Maryland - $92,026

Massachusetts - $90,466

Michigan - $87,203

Minnesota - $84,986

Mississippi - $71,298

Missouri - $87,572

Montana - $35,085

Nebraska - $68,872

Nevada - $86,740

New Hampshire - $86,159

New Jersey - $85,472

New Mexico - $74,958

New York - $87,268

North Carolina - $80,346

North Dakota - $66,479

Ohio - $72,848

Oklahoma - $71,528

Oregon - $80,529

Pennsylvania - $80,835

Rhode Island - $73,412

South Carolina - $80,782

South Dakota - $63,567

Tennessee - $71,011

Texas - $85,969

Utah - $73,723

Vermont - $67,130

Virginia - $91,626

Washington - $85,043

West Virginia - $74,242

Wisconsin - $74,506

Wyoming - $78,836

Expect Top-of-the-line Benefits

The beauty of launching a career in a high-demand field is that employers will go above and beyond to hire someone with your expertise. So look forward to above-average employee perks and flexible working conditions. As a full-time, salaried project manager, expect a full suite of benefits including insurance, paid time off, 401(k) matching and maybe even stock ownership.

And that’s just the beginning. Many tech companies support and encourage their teams to work remotely. If you’re hoping to work from home full-time, you’ll have your pick from a range of high-paying project management positions. Indeed.com lists 174 remote project management positions as of March, 2020, and you can expect even broader options as more tech companies adopt a work-from-home culture. You can lead your organization forward and inform stakeholders from the comfort of your home office.

Research Your Own Salary Potential

Estimates can give you a big-picture idea of your projected salary. But if your potential income is a prime factor for you, do your own in-depth research before deciding whether to pivot careers. Use tools like salary.com or Payscale, which can give you a more accurate projection based on your experience level and location.

Once you’ve embarked on your job hunt, you are your own best advocate. Give yourself a salary goal and prepare to negotiate the job offer to maximize your long-term earning potential.

Ready to Start Your Career?

It takes more than a certification to impress employers. In our Technical Project Management course, we empower students with the hands-on tech skills you’ll use day to day, as well as the leadership, communication, and team-building techniques that will propel your career forward for years to come.

Check out our full-time project management course for the fastest path to a new career, or our part-time format for maximum flexibility. Flexible payment options allow you to invest in your future without stretching your budget. And whichever course you choose, we guarantee you’ll get hired within 6 months of graduating - or you’ll get a full tuition refund.

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