One reason we love helping people join the world’s next workforce is because we’re providing the skills to improve your own life and the lives of others. Software Engineering Flex student Christopher V. did just that by focusing his capstone project on creating “A safe space where you can embrace.”

Mood Journal is an online calendar journal that allows you to write down, think about, and learn from your various moods. Christopher initially created this project to help him improve his own state of mind and found journaling helped him become more self-aware about his feelings and moods––and the events in his life that were triggering them. Once he realized how much the journal helped him work through the things he was feeling, he wanted to share it with others.

Let’s take a quick look at the Mood Journal platform.

Login to the Mood Journal here. To login, for demo purposes use:

username - localuser

password - localpassword

Once you’re signed in, you’ll be able to see a digital calendar by month.

If you click on an old entry or create a new post, you’ll get to the Dashboard Screen, which allows you to make a post for the current day only. If you click to other months, you can choose any journal posts to edit.

There are preset moods that you can choose from: (Happy, Sad, Angry, Normal)

How Christopher built the project:

Front-End Programming Languages:

Back-End Programming Languages:

Understanding your mood on a daily basis is an important way to track down what impacts you and your feelings. Knowing the root cause of a bad mood allows for more self-awareness, reflection, and hopefully a clearer path to improving mental health, making Mood Journal a meaningful and standout capstone project.  

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