No more fear of getting "left behind."

Before Thinkful:

Alex attended a university but didn't finish because he realized it wasn't a good fit for him. After "dragging his feet" to find a new path in life, he began researching coding bootcamps.

"I tried to teach myself code but was plateauing and didn't know what to learn. After some research, I found Thinkful was the best option because I didn't have to commute to it and it had very good reviews. I had some money saved for college and decided to do it."

Alex decided to leave his role in retail to enroll full-time into Thinkful's Engineering Immersion program .

While Studying:

During his final group capstone project, Alex's group created a product that they named Melata. The main purpose of Melata was to solve the problem of "not knowing what to learn" when it comes to code.

"My group has talked about continuing it and our mentor said he thought it could be a real product if it was continued and cleaned up, but we've all been too busy focusing on finding jobs."

Alex's favorite part of the curriculum was learning Node and Databases. He often found himself gravitating to back-end work whenever he could.

How His Life Changed:

"I'll finally be financially independent making about 4x as I was before and will be able to pay off debts that would be dragging me down indefinitely otherwise."

After graduating from Thinkful, Alex accepted a full-time web developer role.

"Now that I've received a job offer I feel like I'm actually a little ahead in life of all my friends that are finishing college which was something I was afraid of before. I was afraid of getting "left-behind" by more successful friends."

Alex has always wanted to be his own boss and build his own company. Although he doesn't see that happening in the short term, he's excited that he now has the skills to eventually build his own software product or service.

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