From an Advertising Coordinator to a Software Engineer.

Before Thinkful:

Chris worked as an Advertising Coordinator for an online education company. After discovering his passion for coding, he decided to make a career transition and enrolled in Thinkful's Full Stack Flex program.

"I started to teach myself code and often found that coding was the best part of my day so I decided to make a career of it. I was previously committed to another bootcamp but backed out and chose Thinkful instead because it was flexible, half the price, and guaranteed a job. I've been preaching the Thinkful gospel ever since."

While Studying:

Chris's favorite aspect of the program was learning from his mentor. He says his most valuable experience was working on his first full stack project.

"My first full stack project was by far the most daunting, but ultimately rewarding. That's definitely where I spent the most time in the curriculum. It was incredibly rewarding to come out of that knowing how to create a database, authenticate users, and route to different pages."

How His Life Changed:

After graduating, Chris accepted a role with one of the world's largest investment companies as a Software Engineer.

"Thinkful changed everything. The increased income will change the course of my family forever. The renewed passion I have for my work is invaluable and I'm incredibly excited for what lays ahead."

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